Saturday, October 13, 2012

Two Updates

Ducks and Egg Nest pattern.......Yup, all hooked.  Actually the hooking was completed before Bev got to me for the color planning of my Wee Folk rug because there was so little left of the background to do.  However, it still  needs to be bound.  But have no fear!  I have already started the prep for that and it will be a tutorial of sorts in my next blog.  It will be bound with a wool covered cord like you see on the edge of a pillow or upholstery.  Until then I will give you the latest pictures of that rug as well as the Wee Folk design.  

This is the Ducks and Egg Nest and I adore it.  Lots of people at Cape May admired it since they had an opportunity to see it as that is what I was hooking the first day of class and students come in and out of rooms seeing what others are doing and to buy wool from teachers.  
Yes,  there are a few new changes to the We Folk.  I hooked a little more of the background and did change out some of the lighter blue wool of the bike handles but still have more wool to replace.  When cutting the blue plaid wool for the bike I just reached in and pulled out a strip not giving notice if it was the darker part of the plaid or  not.  So hopefully there will be enough of that darker stripe in the fat quarter do what I need for the bike body change out.
I'm really anxious to finish binding the Duck rug so I can put it on my harvest table for a couple days before offering it for sale.  Actually I haven't done the math on pricing for this yet as it isn't finished and have been busy.  Plus I really want to work more on my Wee Folk rug because I have a class with Lucille Festa early November and have to decide what to hook there as well as prepare for yet another rug to hook.  So it is important that I get the Duck rug done and more of this one hooked because I'll then have two UFOs tugging at my heart.

HA!  Two UFOs..... I have more than that but am mentioning only two because the others kinda like, 'out of sight out of mind'.

Thanks for stopping by and check back to see if I've started binding my Ducks rug.



  1. Oh Saundra ~
    I just LOVE your ducks rug!!! How can you sell it? I know, so you have the moolah for more wool. Wee Folks is coming along nicely and your next retreat will be here before you (and I) know it.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. love both of your rugs the duck rug is wonderful.

  3. love the sweetness of both designs, both are very appealing!


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