Friday, February 8, 2013

Mother Hen Design

I just finished pulling the last loops and it still needs to be steamed and bound, but this is how I finally decided to design the piece.  Even tho I did try the beauty line chose to have just the red border.  Also decided that the idea of that little rogue peep walking away from Mother Hen to investigate needed to be expressed with it's partial body being in the framing (border) of the rug and going back to mama.
I like the wonkiness of the border and at first struggled with it not being a mirror image on each side but then decided that was silly since I was also considering having a few random swags (which I also like).  

Should you want to be in the drawing for the design I'll take names from this post as well as the previous post.  AND, should you decide to take creative license of this design I'd be excited to see what you do with it and would still like to see pictures.

Thank you all for visiting and posting.



  1. Momma and Babies turned out BEAUTIFUl !!! I love the border the way it is...Boy, that was fast too ! I know you are excited to get back to Big Dog ....

  2. Saundra,
    I think you did good all the way around! Love the wonkiness of the border.... spell check says that isn't a word... wonkyness... ( that either)..LOL! Any how I know how hard it is to design.... then color plan.... ! So much involved before the actual hooking! Your design is adorable.... I think Spring is the hardest to come up with a design! You done good!!!
    Cathy G

  3. love those chicks, the whole thing is fabulous!

  4. sweet rug! love that she has on a little blue dress :)
    can't wait for our hens to have some more spring chicks ~
    stay warm in your snow!!!
    ~ Lori

  5. It turned out so great I just love it!

  6. I LOVE that you DIDN'T make the border symetrical - I like it lots better this way -

  7. Like it without the beauty line and I love the way the little chick is peeking out of her dress.

  8. Love it !This is such a sweet rug,the little chick peeking out of her dress is adorable.Hugs,Jen

  9. You did good !... she and the babies are adorable.

  10. It turned out beautiful! Love it! Sometimes feel like a mother hen myself!

  11. Saundra,
    Love how the Mother Hen rug evolved. You are designing some really great rugs! Like how bright this one is as compared to your more primitive ones.
    I would love to be selected in the drawing. You know I am always looking for another rug to hook.

  12. Great rug...Love the little peeps and the Mother Hen! Beautifully done :)


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