Friday, February 15, 2013

Woolie Worms Explosion

Oh my, never in my wildest dreams did I think there would be this explosion of wool strips in my home.  As you all know, when we first start out we don't have many colors and to be thrifty we go to the 'thrifty' shop to buy wool clothing, wash and cut.  Being new to hooking I was starving for wool.  Not any more, they are multiplying like bunnies.  You will gasp when you see these photos.

Okay, when at rug camps I usually have a basket to put small pieces of wool in, carry to sleeping room to cut or use if I need any wool in the evening, so the basket is small and easy to carry.  And then upon getting home from camp it is handy to have beside me when finishing the rug.  Sounds great, right? And it is.... except that immediately upon finishing that rug want to start another so I'm too lazy to remove the wool from the basket.  Instead, I put that basket aside and grab an empty basket and start the process all over again.  Except now I had 3 baskets with wormies in them so what did I do you ask?  Heck, ordered more baskets!  

Here is a group of baskets which have woolie worms in them.  Actually there are 8 baskets but some are piled on top of another and one is hidden to the far back right.
And then there are the worms and basket as well as bags of wool I was working with in the living room where I sit and hook.
And let us not forget the worms which eventually were removed from baskets to start over and wool was then put into baggies and then in plastic containers and zipper bag on my my shelves but 'out of sight out of mind.
But look at the baskets now.  The one here still needs emptying and there is one on my work table which isn't completely empty ~ but I'm working on it.
However, I still have to work on the containers on the shelves.  But look at what has been accomplished so far since yesterday afternoon and I've even managed to pull a few loops.  Once I get all the colors in color piles will put them in those nice zipper plastic bags which blankets and bedspreads come in.  And I may or may not separate into value.  Sometimes it is nice to have just all the blues in one bag and then then you can pick and choose light or dark without having two bags to deal with.
Here's a Big Dog update.  I did pull out the wool from the one star and replaced the moon with it.  So now need to make a decision if I want all light stars with moon the color it is hooked now, or the moon be the darker star wool.  Not sure if I want stars all the same color or different.
Strange that I'm now looking at it and can definitely see a difference in background color from left to above and below dog and to the right.  That was when I was first starting and trying so hard to make it look like sky but with light colors, and the left I loosened up a little and just started adding a little this and little of that.  Oh well, that is what our foremothers would have done anyway so I'm not gonna stress over it.  The stars and moon are another thing tho, tee hee.

Thanks for dropping by and watching Big Dog develop.



  1. Wow Saundra - I'm totally impressed with your sorting and organizing - I know what a huge job that was! Curious to know what color you had the most of in your worm collection? Big Dog is looking great!

  2. Okay, I have worm envy. As a Newbie you described mr well, as a matter of fact I just got back from a wool hunt at my local thrift shops and am washing it as I'm writing.

    I like that the moon and stars are different colors.

    PS I just emailed you to let you know I received the Mother Hen pattern on the backing no less, thanks so much.

  3. Oh Saundra...
    This is all too familiar.
    I like how you are separating them into colorway groups. Great idea !
    (By the way, your baskets are lovely...I usually just work from the "ugly" plastic bags in a big brown paper bag !)
    Big Dog is really coming together.

  4. great goodness!
    love all your baskets, and the fact you can organize them, and the worms, good for you! love seeing your progress on your dog rug!

  5. My name is Cathy and I have a woolie worm problem. I have a large basket full I have taken some and sorted but I would be the rest of my life doing it. I keep saying I am going to dump it or offer it to someone but I keep thinking I will get to it.
    your rug looks wonderful and congrats on the organization.

  6. Saundra ~
    And the problem with woolly worms is ...?????????
    Big Dog is lookin' mighty fine.
    Hugs :)

  7. LOL on the comment - bought more baskets !..

    You have a lot of patience to separate your worms. You go girl.

  8. Maybe now we've solved the mystery of why big dog s carrying the basket in his mouth! It's full of wooly worms! Kathy

  9. Saundra, I am so jealous!!! I have worm envy.I just ordered some more wool and have been busy working on my rug!

  10. Drooling over your worms !!!mmmmmm...Hey, if you ever decide you want to sell some grab bags of worms, just let me know...I've been nuying wool for me to dye myself, but I'd love to have a bunch of the little critters in different colors to just pick though....mmmm

  11. I am laughing my arse off over your wooly worms! The first couple of pictures, I thought "shoot, this is nuthin". LOL. Then the baskets and the worm population grew and grew! I started laughing!!!! And you think this is a problem? Lauren and I agree with one another there!!!!

    I found a hooker in KC that wanted to sell a couple of TRASHBAGS full of her old worms. I jumped at that!!!!! She had started a ginormus rug (on rug warp) using up all these bits and pieces and threw that in too.

    Add that to my worms.....and uh.......we have the whole worm farm here. If you ever have the opportunity to buy another hookers worm stash, JUMP ON IT!

    Love Big Dog. One day I will hook one of Kathy's rugs.


  12. P.S.
    Where in the world did you buy those wonderful baskets with the handles? I just love them. They are precious.

    I'll trade a week of David doing chores, for a basket. LOL

  13. love your rug! one day i'm gonna learn to hook. maybe next time i'm in seaford i'll get you to teach me, LOL!!! denise

  14. Saundra, Your rug is so nice, I'm not sure I'll ever be a good enough hooker to tackle something so intricate. Thank you for the idea of using bedding bags for worm storage. I always hate throwing those bags away - now I don't have too! ~Ann


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