Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hooked Projects since Last September

Cape May rug camp is less than two weeks away and wanted to start gathering the rugs hooked during the last 12 months for their rug show.  And was quite surprised at the number I'm taking for the show this year.  Yes, some are mats, some small rugs and others a little bigger. 

If it was a contest of 'most hooked rugs' it would be easy enough to figure out the total square footage of my accomplishments and compare to another person, but I'm not concerned since I don't think size matters.  Frankly I feel guilty that I've not been dusting and vacuuming enough but rather am having fun hooking.

So first rug finished since last September is Ducks and Egg Nest which was the rug I was working on at Cape May last year until my teacher (Bev Conway) could get to  me.  This is an adaptation of an antique hooked in the late 19th century or very early 20th century in Canada.
And it was the Wee Folk (by Vermont Folk Art) as the rug chosen to hook in class, which is also done and will be in the show.
Now I'm not sure of the order here, but do know that the Karen Kahle inspired Spiral Chair Pad came soon after....
...as well as my design of Mother Hen which I wanted to offer as a pattern on my web site. 
Since I was on a roll for designing seems to me that since the holidays were soon coming up, the next on the frame was to hook and offer Holiday Ornaments.
Okay, if memory serves me think that Kathy of Briarwood Folk Art and I made a trade of patterns and I chose her Big Dog Hollow pattern to hook and it was loads of fun to hook.  A number of woollie worms were used up on this one as well.
Still being in the mood to offer more patterns to my offerings designed and hooked Red Bird of Pennsylvania which is an adaptation of an early rug located in ... you got it.....Pennsylvania.
Then in May went to Woolley Fox and hooked Barb's Oh Deer under the tutelage of that magnificent woman.
Somewhere in this mix of rug hooking wonderland I also hooked Barb's Henny Penny rug which I adore since it looks like an early work. 
Once returning from Woolley Fox and falling in love with Barb's Westmoreland Ponies, just knew it was on my list of very next rug to hook.  It's done and I love it. 
And let us not forget Jack which was a free pattern insert in an issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  Funny story here is that someone saw me post a picture of my progress of this design on my blog.  He/she then wrote Barb asking if she'd see this and was concerned someone was stealing her design.  However, that was further from the truth as it was a free pattern insert in a Sept/Oct issue in a 1997 issue of RHM.    Must say I adore how this fellow came out.  I changed the nose from the pattern in the magazine to make it more to my liking.
Presently I'm working on Magdalena's Lollipop Bouquet and not sure if it will be finished in time for the show in Cape May or not...... time will tell.  Sorry there isn't an updated picture of it but will show you tomorrow.

Just listened to the local weather and seems like fall is coming soon.  Hopefully those hurricanes which happen this time of year will stay at bay until after Cape May rug camp.

Have a fantastic evening.


  1. What a list of beautiful accomplishments !

  2. Saundra you are a master hooker and should be really proud of yourself.Cheri

  3. What a fun rug show! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the year in review! You nailed the olde look with Henny Penny! It is one of my favs that you have hooked. Maria

  5. Lovely collection !
    My favorite is Red Bird of Pennsylvania. I love the motif and enjoyed watching it come together.

  6. What a wonderful achievement. Love seeing Henny Penny again.

  7. Wow - It's really impressive to see all your recent rugs pictured in one post. Your upcoming rug show is going to be awesome!

  8. Wow Saundra, you have hooked so many wonderful rug!
    Cleaning house is never ending so enjoy hooking as much as possible!

  9. Saundra ~
    You put us all to shame. What wonderful rugs. Thanks for the show.
    Hugs :)

  10. You, my dear, are very productive!! Love every one!!

  11. Wow, Saundra, I can't believe how much you have accomplished! They are all beautiful, my favorites are Westmoreland, Big Dog, and Red Bird. Have a wonderful time a rug camp and take lots of pictures!


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