Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cape May or Bust and Lollipop Bouquet Update

I've been frantically working the last two days to ready myself for Cape May.  Since I have someone come in to care for my boy Ben and house sit I usually make a heat up meal of his choice so have made that.  Got all the other chores done and am in the process of loading up my pristine clean van for the trip tomorrow morning.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I cannot sleep the night before camp because I'm so excited AND during the night wake up wondering if I'd forgotten to pack something.  So then the day of arrival at camp it is like a family reunion when you see folks you  hadn't seen since last camp, stay up too late and can't sleep the first night on a different bed.  After that it settles down and I'm so exhausted after two nights of little sleep that a bomb wouldn't wake me up.  Well, guess that would.

Cannot believe that I'm taking 12 hooked items for the show; yes some are small.  Last year I took 8 pieces for the show so the extra 4 are because they are small.

Here is what the Magdalena Lollipop rug looks like now.  And, dear sweet Lauren, mine measures 25 x 29. 
I didn't want it as large as the original by Magdalena Briner as hers was 35 x 41, according to Evelyn's book (co-wrote with Kathy Wright) titled "Rug Hooking Traditions with Magdalena Briner Eby".
Speaking of my dear friend Evelyn..... she and I will be in the same class at Cape May where our teacher is Diane Stoffel.  My project is a profile of my dearly departed Shadow who is playing with her pal Panzer at Rainbow Ridge.

I'll drag my Lollipop rug with me to hook on the first night and while I await my teacher.  Will try and gauge which handfuls of woolie worms I'll need to take for that time frame and hope to get a little more done.    Was so hoping to have it done and ready for binding during the trip but such was not the case.

My camera is on my lap right now so that I don't forget to pack it and plan to take a lot of rug pictures.

So my little chickadees have a great next 5 days and will plan to share photos from Cape May.




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