Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gett'n Ready for Rug Camp

Just 9 days and a wake-up until leaving for Cape May camp known as Rugs by The Sea.  It is well organized by Norma Batastini and her associate Linda Woodbury.  So I've started pulling things together for the trip across the Cape May Ferry and to camp.  This is the first brought down from the wool room so far.
Inside that one flat container is probably the least amount of wool I've EVER taken to a rug camp in my life.  Perhaps mostly because I know the colors that my departed Shadow had in her coat and that is all that is required...... no color planning, as she provided the color plan.  Oh, and the background which is the soft green you see.
The picture of Shadow is the position I've chosen to hook but have another picture of her in a different view which doesn't have the flash back wash of her true hair colors.  And, in the event I don't have just the right colors will buy what I need at camp.

In an earlier post mentioned that I was taking a few things to put in the hooking shop.  Norma and Linda encourage us hookers to sell our items thru the shop where they tend it and take 15%.  Hey, that's fine and I can play all day and maybe make a couple dollars while there. 

In addition to the flower pins I posted on a previous blog post, I'm also taking these handy hooker helpers.  They are known by various names.... snippet bags, magnet pouches, snip-n-tucks, but any way you look at it I cannot be without mine.  I'm only taking 6 this time because I just don't have the energy to make more this close to camp.
Some people use them to put their snippets in the pouch and scissor on the top part which has the magnet.  Me?  I keep my scissors on the magnet and my hook or hooks in the pouch.  Before I had this my scissors and/or hook would be lost between the cushions of the sofa.  Construction of this is two parts.... one single magnet goes below the foundation of your project and then the top magnet with pouch goes on top. 

I've lots to do in the next 9 days and here I sit in front of the computer updating my blog.  Most importantly is getting my house in shape for the house/dog sitter.....wellllll, gathering my camp stuff is right up there too.

Have a great evening everyone and drop by again.



  1. You must be getting so excited! I know you'll have a great time at camp and I can't wait to see your pictures!

  2. I am envious of your upcoming trip. I hope you have a wonderful time and keep us informed of all the doings.


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