Saturday, September 7, 2013

Won't Finish in Time

It won't be done in time to take to Cape May for the binding for sure as there is too much to hook and too much for me to do here before I can leave for camp.  Here's Lollipop Bouquet right now.
Therefore, about two days before leaving for camp I'll need to decide if I want to take numerous bags of color separated wool strips OR start a new rug that is hot on my list. 

It sure would be nice to have this to bind at Cape May with no other wool to worry about but am sure that won't happen in a week with things needed done here.

So check my blog again because I plan to post until the day before I leave. 

Have a great evening.  Tonight is low humidity, low temperatures and I've the window's open to let the breeze blow thru.  This is my favorite time of year.



  1. Well it is looking great even if it is taking longer than planned. Life has a way of getting involved in our planning...

  2. Who knows, maybe all your chores will be magically done leaving you all that time to finish. Wishful thinkin I know!

  3. The lollipop rug is beautiful.
    I would start a new project at camp, so that each time you look at the new project, you will have great memories of camp. Come home and finish Lollipop and it will have memories of this beautiful Autumn. ;)
    Two for one !!

  4. It's looking great! Have a blast at camp!!!

  5. You sure are doing a good job of making this rug look old!

  6. Hi Saundra, I carried my hooked crow purse you made me yesterday. I used it as my money holder at the show I did in Michigan. Lots of compliments on it and ofcourse I shared who the very talented maker was. There were 2 gals who I thought were going to hijack me for it! I gave them your contact information - I hope you can sell a couple more! ~Ann

  7. It looks so great. lucky you getting to go to camp again.

  8. You lucky girl!!!!!! Have fun at camp!!!!!

    Love the Lollipop rug. It is just stunning. The colors just take my breath!!!

  9. Of all Magdalena's rugs, Lollipop Bouquet and Domestic Zoo are my favorites. I love what you did with yours. I can't wait to see it completed.

    Anita of Phoenix


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