Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rug Show Finale'

You know it would finally come to an end sometime.  I thought yesterday's posting would be it but the photos on the blog began to increase so that I was afraid of blog overload.  Don't know if there is such a thing but didn't want to lose all my efforts by having the post so big it wouldn't publish. 

Take a look at this perfect likeness of a hand complete with translucent nails, wrinkles at the thumb and wrist and even veins showing.  OMG, I just stood and stared at this piece for the longest time.  It is called First Loop and was hooked and designed by none other than Michelle Micarelli.

This attractive Peacock rug was hooked by Edie McClure and think it is an Encompassing Designs pattern.
On the left is Kaleidoscope, an adaptation hooked by Nancy Weaver and on the right is Spring Stained Glass designed and hooked by Laura Pierce.

Albino Squirrel hooked by Linda Woodbury.  Don't think I've ever seen an Albino of anything in real life, only on TV.

As part of the Eye See You Project, Norma Batastini hooked this piece Chimp......very 'eye-catching'.  Sorry, just had to say that.
And here is Baseball Player and think the name of the hooker is Vickie Lavigna.  Cannot tell for sure who the designer was.
Mary Lou Bleakley hooked the piece on the left from a photo and unfortunately my camera completely cut off the card on the lovely piece to the right.
No tag is necessary for me to know who hooked the piece on the left; that would be Michelle Micarelli.  On the right is Speckled Trout hooked by Pat Parsons.

Laura Pierce hooked both of these mats below; Harbor Lights on the left and Young Mr. Pierce on the right.  Quite quite impressive details in Mr. Pierce.
Below is Silton Galaxy designed and hooked by Sarah Provence.
And another creation by Michelle but cannot remember what she called it.
Hope you have enjoyed the show.  I did take pictures of the rugs we started hooking in camp and will pick a few to share with you tomorrow. 

Today is the last day of the second week of Rugs by the Sea being held at Cape May.  Hard to believe it has been a week since my returning home.  Travel for me is easy as I only drive 1 hour to Lewes, DE and then travel via the ferry to New Jersey.  Here is a view coming home and getting close to docking.  The seagulls are interested in food being stirred up in our wake.  When I went to take pictures they immediately thought I had bread or other food to toss and they started to fly a little closer.

Have a grand weekend and be kind to one another.  Thanks for dropping by.



  1. So much talent such amazing rugs.

  2. I agree, the rug of the hand is breath taking ! I have always wanted to do a picture and now a rug with 3-4,generations of hands. I believe elderly peoples hands are so beautiful and tell so much. I use to love to watch my grandmothers hands as she broke beans getting ready to can. Thanks for the pictures it is the only rug show some of us get to see!

  3. They are all beautiful but that hand is absolutely amazing

  4. Some amazing rugs there! Thanks for sharing the pictures for those of us who couldn't attend the show....

  5. Saundra, the hooked hand is simply mesmerizing.
    How very realistic !
    You have to really look to identify the colors that brought this hand to life. Wow.
    Lovely pics.
    Thanks for sharing !

  6. The hand rug is amazing. And the talent is overflowing in the pics from the last few days.

  7. beautiful rugs & photos ~ love the colors in all of Michelle's rugs and that hand is marvelous!!
    Glad you had a great time :)


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