Thursday, September 12, 2013

A New Toy for Me

And no it isn't a rug hooking toy, although those are my favorite toys.   Last May my friend Deb told me about an item by FitBit she clips onto her work-out clothes and it tracks her steps, calories burned, intensity of work out and total miles.  She also said it downloads to a smart phone or computer where one can keep a log of their food intake, BP, weight, among other things.  This is the item Deb owns which she told me about.

Deb mentioned that the product is different than the pedometer as you put in your height, weight, age and guess historically the step is figured into the equation.  With the pedometer you need to measure your steps and frankly I was never able to figure out how to use the dang thing.

Okay, this conversation took place while we were at Barb's class at Woolley Fox.  So when we returned home Deb sent me an e-mail showing me the FitBit new product which is a Flex bracelet.

No I do not work for the company but wish I did so that I could get a referral commission for my post.   I asked Deb that if she didn't own what she has which would she buy.  Her reply was the Flex bracelet.  It can be worn in the shower even and I've done so all this week.  Well that is what I purchased and love it. 

I was surprised that it kept track of sleep time and number of times awake during the night (uh to go ..... you know). 

In previous years I used to do free weights 3 x per week, would run road races and train the nights I didn't do the weights.  Well I gave that up around the age of 55 and have felt guilty even tho I walk.  The Senior Center has a great work out gym and used to go there and am still a member.  Just seems the hours of the day fly by so haven't gone there and decided to purchase the Flex bracelet to see what my normal routine consists of and see where I need improvement.

Much to my surprise was shocked to see that my normal routine of walking Ben, walking the mile to and fro to get my mail and other normal activities logged in over 7,000 steps for me.  Yes I'd like to see it increase to at least 10,000 per day.  But that goal is definitely attainable.

Hey, gotta get off this machine so I can pull a few loops on my Lollipop rug so I can give you an update tomorrow.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. I LOVE my fitbit. I got the Fitbit One last November. My adult kids all got on the bandwagon themselves and got one. My husband was the last to join, but he got himself the Flex a couple of months ago. It has literally transformed our activity level. I was afraid the novelty would wear off, but it hasn't yet. We are almost a year at it, trying to not only meet the goals we set for ourselves, but to try to stay on top of the leaderboard. Get one! (I don't work for the company either...)

  2. Saundra, my husband wears the bracelet and LOVES it.
    He plugs it into his IPad and it tells him everything.
    A valuable tool for your health.


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