Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back to the Cape May Rug Show

Yeah, told you there were more rugs to present to you from Cape May; that was only a brief intermission where I showed you my Shadow Portrait in progress.

Here is a designed and hooked by Norma Batastini called Circus Train ~ The Birds.  And again, nice rounded corners.
 To the left is a Sampler pillow hooked by  Jane Bescherer and designed by Merry Hooker Woollens.  On the right is a rug designed and hooked by Nancy Weaver.
And this is Antique Flowers and Birds designed by Norma Batastini and hooked by Nancy Greene.
Hooked and designed by Lea McCrone it is called Gracie in Brooklyn.
I'll bet you already know who designed this piece....yup, Deanne Fitzpatrick.  It is hooked by Robin Stewart.
This one is designed by Fritz Mitnick and hooked by Laura Pierce.
Ah, 'the Woman who loves Animals' hooked by Edie McClure and designed by Judy Wise.
Lion and Lamb is a recognizable design and is offered by numerous hookers, this one is a pattern offered by Pat Hornafus and hooked by Pat McDonnell.
This is called Seasonal Sampler, is hooked by Linda Woodbury and designed by Kay Leisy.

Sadly I cannot read the name of this design by Bev Conway but it is hooked by Polly Reinhart.
For those of you who have read my blog, you know this is a rug I hooked which is an adaptation by Kathy of Briarwood Folk Art called Big Dog Hollow.
This design below is by Lucille Festa called Sisters and Renia Davis hooked it.  Up close it really does have an antique and naive flavor to it.
Again, if you have been following my blog you know that I hooked the one below.  It is called Red Bird of Pennsylvania and is a design offered by Woodland Junction Primitives.
And yet another hooked by me called Henny Penny and is a design offered by Woolley Fox.
Thanks much for visiting.  And, if you can stand looking at even more rugs from the show I'll post more tomorrow.  Yes, this was a humongous rug show.  I think it was one of the largest.

Funny because I had 14 rugs in the show and someone walked into the class room and asked, "where is this Saundra Porter?"  I put up my hand, she came over and said, "they should have said it was a Saundra Porter rug show".  We had a laugh as I didn't think anyone would really pay attention to who had what in the show or keep count.

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  1. Beuatiful rugs and all so different.
    Love the Sampler Pillow.
    Your work is lovely, Saundra and it doesn't surprise me that you would be noticed for all of your entries. ;)


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