Monday, September 23, 2013

Let the Rug Show Begin

Oh my but there were lots of rugs and other hooked objects at this show.  I'll start out showing some primitive pieces first.

Most of the rugs have legible tags to show the hooker and designer, all you need to do is click on the picture and it will enlarge the photo.  Having rounded edges sure does make for an easier binding job.  The name of the design is Porter's Hens designed by Norma Batastini and I almost wanted to buy the pattern as well as another called Porter's Pig just because my last name is Porter.
A design by Lucille Festa entitled Paper Roses and hooked by my blog reader Sharon Field; great job on this Sharon.
This is another rug designed and hooked by Lucille Festa.
This whimsical design is none other than Bev Conway's design called The Fisherman and is hooked by Bev.
I have always wanted to hook this design by Edyth O'Neil named Old Chalk Deer.  This one was hooked by Jeri Livingston and love the colors she chose. 
A pineapple runner and there is too much flash back on the label to read it.  Sorry I cannot remember who hooked or who designed it as I am unable to read the tag.
You will recognize this as an antique adaptation of Magdalena called Lollipop Bouquet and was hooked by Norma Batastini.  And yes, I'm almost done hooking mine but not ready to post it yet.

There are plenty more primitive rugs to show but that will be next posting as you gals who like color and finer cut need to have a little fun too.  Here is a design by Susan Quicksall and hooked by JoAnn Hendrix.  Sorry that I couldn't get the whole rug into view but it was sizable and with the layout of the rugs was difficult to get in position to take a good photo.
Below is a USPS Celebration Stamp hooked by Russ Nichols.
The two stained glass designs by Jane McGowan Flynn were hooked by Mary Lou Bleakly who was my very first rug camp teacher.  She and I playfully argue about narrow vs. wide cut.  I've hooked my Rottweiler Memorial in a #3 (which is what she hooked these rugs in) but I prefer #8 and above.  We had fun teasing each other this past week.
Next may be rather obvious as to who the designer and hooker is of this humongous masterpiece.  It is none other than Michelle Micarelli who likes color and fine cut.
The rug was so big and wanted to give you a good idea of the total rug design so took a picture of the bottom as well.
Thanks for visiting.  The show isn't over yet so will save some pictures for tomorrow. 

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  1. Glad you had such a good time at Cap May. All the rugs are awesome. I just love the lollipop rug and the Crazy Quilt rug by Susan Q. I have pattern to Texas Crazy Quilt rug that I haven't started yet!! Keep rugs coming, thanks for the show, ~Anita


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