Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1 January 2014

Holy Moly.... how can this be?  Yet another year passed already?  Oh well, it is a new month and time for the January quilt applique and stitchery.  Guess starting out the new year you need 'new mittens', right?
And yes, I did the applique with raw edges.  However, I have done fold over type stitchery before and used the double sided light adhesive ~ so I AM informed.  I just wanted primitive raw edges for these.

And the January stitchery also shows mittens.
I'm still enjoying hooking on the Santa and Deer and have made a little progress which I'll show you tomorrow. 

Happy New Year to all.  My wish for each of you is good health.  I read on Rughookers from someone (and it is true) if you have your health, can get out and about to meet with friends to share special time with .... you have it all.

Thanks to everyone who visits my blog and those who take that special time to post.  Oh, and you "Followers", you ROCK!



  1. I made the New Mittens quilt just a week or so ago. I have February's done also and am working on the next three. We think alike.

  2. Love the mittens! Super sweet designs,really like the way you left the raw edges.Hugs,Jen

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  4. I think the mittens would make a cute rug mat. Happy New Year!

  5. You rock, too. LOVE your blog.
    Hugs :)

  6. Love your blog Saundra. Happy New Year to you and Ben!



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