Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wee More than A Peek

Finally I was able to pull a few loops on my new project to give you a little something to view, so this is more than the peek you saw before.  As previously mentioned this is an adaptation taken from one of Harriet Powers' quilts.
I've chosen to pick and choose elements from Harriet's Pictorial Quilt which most endear me into one smallish pattern.  Should I have chosen a block and hooked it exactly as she quilted it?  Some might but not me, sorry, as I wanted to capture those elements which most endeared me.

Here is the particular quilt square I chose and you can see the difference.  So tomorrow I'll give you an update on my hooking and what things means.
In looking at my hooking and Harriet's quilt piece think I should have made the curve at the belly much different than I did.  AND, you know me as someone who will pull out loops in a heartbeat..... I might just do that.

Try and keep warm guys and gals, it's mighty frigid out there.  Right now at 7 p.m. in Seaford, DE it is 7 degrees and dropping.  But thank goodness I've heat.  Have a great evening and try to stay warm.



  1. I love your piece it looks wonderful. we are headed to -8 so the beast in the basement(woodstove) is humming happily so we are nice and toasty.

  2. We are a balmy 10 degrees in northern Ohio. So happy you have heat and electricity.
    Oh, your rug is FUN!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. really enjoying this! I personally like the way you change things!

  4. I just love your new rug.
    I have come to the conclusion, you must have an entire room of are whipping out rugs, left and right. That takes a serious amount of wool !! lol

  5. A creative interpretation and I like that you have chosen to do it that way.

  6. It looks great just the way you designed it, i would leave the pig alone!
    Great Folk Art design!!!

  7. I love your version, and it is going to make a beautiful vintage looking rug.



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