Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pillow in Progress

This is the second installment of the making of Hearts and Swags into a pillow.  It is hard to see in this picture but with right sides together I did one row of hand stitching close to the last hooked row (using heavy cotton button hole thread) followed by one row of machine stitching all the way around.  Well, except for the opening at the bottom of the pillow.  But I did go around those two corners at the bottom so that the pillow could be contained and controlled better when hand stitching it closed.  The hand stitching is closer but at least the machine stitch is the more secure back up that will prevent my pillow from teasing open.
Then at the bottom corner I turned in and stitched down the corner.  Followed by a running stitch all the way around securing down the excess linen backing.  This is done so the inside of the hooked pillow cover is smoother when inserting the pillow stuffing.
Each of the corners are turned in and mitered; again, to make a smoother inside when it comes time to insert pillow stuffing. 
Turned inside out (below) is front of the pillow, and you can see the opening at the bottom.  Also notice how the bottom corners have been stitched to contain the dimensions.
Flipped over you can see the back of the pillow. 
Tomorrow I have a doctor appointment so plan to take the un-stuffed pillow cover with me and do a little more work on it as I sit impatiently in the waiting room.  They are NEVER on time at this doctor's office and need something to occupy my time...which is also valuable.  I mean at my age I've less time to waste than they do.

So stay tuned for the installment 3 of the making of a pillow tomorrow afternoon.  What you are looking at below is the space between the back and hooked front of the pillow cover.  When I bring it home tomorrow it will have a primitive trim all the way around.  It is a delightfully primitive technique that Betsy taught us in her class.  Ah, I think I've got your attention.
Try to stay warm folks.  These are some very frigid temperatures and with wind chill it is even colder.  I pray that homeless people and stray animals can find shelter. 



  1. Thanks for all your instruction! I will probably never do one, but if I want to, I will know where to find the needed information.
    Thank goodness it will be a bit warmer tomorrow.
    Hugs :)

  2. This is great instruction.
    Glad you showed the back.
    Beautiful ;)

  3. I have made a pillow or two but am never happy with my finish so I will stay tuned.

  4. Great tut so far.. Thanks for sharing. I have done a couple of pillows but am anxious to see your finish.

  5. Can't wait for your Prim finish with some instruction of course.

  6. Can't wait for your Prim finish with some instruction of course.


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