Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another Antique Rug Show

As you might suspect, there's nothing new for me to share on my Santa and Deer rug, nor the one I just designed.  I've been occupied drawing patterns and a commission job of hooking and the moola comes before fun.  Actually, anything rug hooking related still is fun....well except for the binding part.

Cute Mother Dog and her Pup.
Interesting piece of folk art.
And this small mat sold for $1,700 and I can't even sell my rugs which are a little larger than that for $200.
Ah, the Honeymoon.
Thought this one was quite interesting and colorful too.
Speaking of color, this one took me by surprise because for some reason I sorta like it. 
This is a nifty Alphabet Rug which measures 4' 9" x 8' and was probably hooked for a child's room.
I like this log cabin rug a lot.  It looks like there may be quilts, rugs and other linens hanging on the line.
And for you cat lovers out there.

While I don't have any progress to report on my Santa and Deer, here is an old Santa rug that I discovered in my search.
Hopefully I'll have something to show you tomorrow.... I hope.  Have a great day.



  1. Love the little fish...
    People love 'little' items and often they fetch an amazing amount !
    The log cabin is a beauty also.

  2. Saundra, wow. Those are some wonderful rugs,I like the cabin one the best.cheri


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