Monday, January 6, 2014

Santa and Deer Update

Not a whole lot more was hooked since you last saw it but here is what the 'guys' look like now and picture taken with a flash.
Today I did manage to get some hand stitching done around the Hearts and Swags pillow while waiting to pick up my grandson from school.  You've heard the story before...... I hate the finishing part; yet I'm anxious to be able to use the pillow so I'm torn between working on the pillow and hooking.  Don't you wish all issues were this level of difficulty?

Strange weather we're having in Delaware.  Three days ago it was 7 degrees when I walked Ben with 5-6" of snow outside.  This morning when I awoke and walked him the snow was gone of course, and the temperature was 61 degrees.  But then temps dropped and it will be 9 degrees tonight.  But hey..... it's Monday and the weather man said it is going to be 60 again by Saturday......  Strange.

Stay warm everyone.



  1. It is looking good Saundra! It is a crazy weather time right now.Have a blessed evening.Hugs,Jen

  2. Yeah, a few days ago it was minus 35 and late this afternoon it was plus 13. Crazy!

  3. it's coming along nicely! here it is 1 degree this early am, with 24 degrees below wind chills. tomorrow will begin our warming trend though, today has already f=broken a 45 yr. record low. take care through the long month of January. blessings!


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