Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Project, a Harriet Powers Adaptation

First, let me introduce you to Harriet Powers.  She was born into slavery near Athens, Georgia on October 29, 1837.  This picture of her was taken in 1901.  Notice her fancy apron with applique symbols.
(Harriet Powers 1837 - 1910) 
One of her first quilts (Bible Quilt shown below) was recorded as being at a Cotton Fair in 1886. 
The only other picture of a quilt I've been able to find is this one from which I'll do my adaptation.  It has been referred to as Pictorial Quilt and was reportedly commissioned and made between 1895-98.  This quilt measures 68 7/8" x 105".  According to what I've read she did make more quilts but they may be in private collections.
 Okay kiddies.  Here is a teaser as I've not been able to hook much on it and want to keep the design a secret just a little longer until I've more to show.  Since I finally got my shipment out just after noon today when the snow started wasn't able to start my project until recently.  Then walk Ben, then get on the computer. 
 Who knows when I'll be able to post another update as I truly believe I will lose power sometime tonight or tomorrow with this blizzard.  Right now it is just snowing without the white out drifts.  Last I heard around noon was that we will get 6" - 10".  When I'm done here will listen to the weather and get the latest.  I've got my candles, batteries, water in the tub to fill up toilets ready.  So what will be will be.  Meanwhile I plan to hook til the power goes out.

Hunker down you guys, stay warm and stay safe.



  1. That's a lot of snow! I hope the weather~guessers are wrong. We are supposed to get to -6 tonight. This is going to be a VVVEEERRRYYY long winter.
    Can't wait to see more of the tease.
    Stay warm and safe.
    Hugs :)

  2. we for once are on the far end of the storm coming in so a dusting to 2 inches which is fine by me. but very very cold we are at 7 right now. Can't wait to see more.

  3. Nothing like a good snowstorm to hook through. Hope you keep power and stay warm. Very cool history and amazing needle work by Ms. Harriet Powers.

  4. I hope you don't lose power. I have an emergency brownie mix just in case I'm stormed in tomorrow. Lol
    Btw, the quilts are amazing.
    Happy storm day hooking

  5. hope you are safe and warm!
    we have 22 and single digit wind chills, only a little over 5 inches of snow, frigid for us for the next 3 days, loved the history lesson, and the sneak peak, hope to see more, the quilts, wow! had never heard of her before!

  6. We did get slammed with that storm yesterday. A foot of powdery snow. It's 2 degrees with a windchill much lower than that. I have seen the bible quilt being made on the internet. Tom Miner Quilts is doing one right now I believe. Itll be fun to see the hooked version!

  7. Wow,that is a lot of snow. California is in a drought. Too bad we couldn't have a little bit of your snow.I love that quilt it looked like something I would like. Keep warm Saundra, cheri

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