Monday, August 25, 2014

A Potential Pattern for Cape May

Ahhh, I think I've found the inspiration for a rug to play with at Cape May in Ali's class.  Way before I was bitten by the hooking bug I was into other crafts, lots of crafts. 

While on vacation at a Club Med took some silk painting classes while my ex was scuba diving.  This is one of the items I painted and it is hanging just outside my shower.  It makes me smile, not because it reminds me of my ex but for the colors and thoughts of happier times.  Those happier times would be the sense of calm... a clueless (dumb and happy) sort of existence.  Anyway, I do like this picture and would like to hook a companion rug for in front of my shower.
Normally I don't do bright colors but think it would be perfect in a class with Ali.  Finally I'd get my companion rug done and in a great venue.  A few years ago I even started collecting fleece just in case I did decide to hook the rug and figured that in front of the shower the fleece would be better than wool.

Oh, my, the visit to my attic to take the picture of the pile of fleece ruined my morning because the attic needs to be purged.  Anyway, continuing......I'm definitely missing a lot of bright colors so would need to purchase more fleece if I go with that fabric. 
Now I've got to decide about textile to use to hook this rug and wonder if any of you have input.  I dry myself off inside the shower and always put a towel down on the floor in front anyway.  So really the rug wouldn't get real wet, and I don't have any boys living here (if you get my drift) so the rug would only get minor damp bottom of feet from exiting the shower.

Have any of you hooked a rug for in front of your shower or tub and if so did you use wool, tee shirts, fleece and do you have any recommendations?  I would use linen as the foundation but also have rug warp if you would recommend that.  However, I'm thinking linen would be better so my concern now is what to use to hook with or work with on the rug.



  1. I just did a small rug using fleece as the background and wool for the witches hat, legs and shoes. I hooked on a linen burlap from Joann's in the stitching/craft isle.

    I loved how it turned out. The fleece was so easy to hook with and when I steamed the finished rug all came out same height. I will definitely use fleece again. Not sure how it will hold up under foot traffic, but this one won't be going on the floor.

  2. For rugs that get wet, I use cotton backing. Monks cloth is one and cheaper than linen. I would use fleece, I think that would be fun with the kitties and nice and comfy on the feet, plus you can get it wet and throw it in a dryer.


  3. Did you paint those kitties? Your talents never cease to amaze me.
    What a fun rug that will be. Perfect for a class with Ali.
    Hugs :)

  4. I have a hooked rug that I made in front of my shower, I have been using it for almost 10 years now and it is holding up great. Hooked on linen and with wool strips. I have never covered it with a towel or anything, so I say go for it!! I think the cat rug will be wonderful, you are a very talented lady!!

  5. That design so reminds me of Laurel Burch's work. When Franie designed my frame cover, she was able to use one of Laurel's many horse fabrics. They are so cheerful and I have bought a purse with three horses on it. Since it was so purpley, it ended up as a gift for my purple-obsessed oldest sister.

    Because I am one of those who won't put any of my rugs on the floor, I can't offer any advise except you have some great ideas from some great hookers.


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