Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Simply Vintage Quilts and Crafts

This is a new (to me) publication which I was gifted from a very generous friend.  It is a French magazine similar to our American Primitive Quilts and Projects except it is thicker......and tad more costly probably because it is a French magazine.

It is such a wonderful magazine that I just had to share it with my quilting, stitchery and hooking friends.  Here is the cover.  See that cute Quilt hanger to the top left?  The instructions are inside.
America's own Polly Minick even has a rug design inside.  And a wonderful and colorful piece it is.  She done us proud, right?
And the below applique stitchery is so cute that I'd like to live in a house just like it.  If only I could hook a piece to look that cute yet delicate.  Almost wants me to start stitchery again.

This is the cool mini quilt hanger pattern made out of a wire hanger (are they still around?) and with a little cardboard, glue and paint you've got an inexpensive primitive mini quilt hanger.
Love this woolen bluebird pincushion for not only the primitive design but the colors.  I'm thinking of making one and having a make do in something or on something....hmmm.

In this issue the photographers even visited several counties in Ohio, so as I was perusing the magazine wondered where those places were that Lauren visited.  It mentions Walnut Creek Hotel, Lehmans, Kidron, Picket Fence Country shop, One Vintage Lane and more.

Lemme tell you that if I had a granddaughter I'd be making her this pillow.  Actually I think it is cute as the dickens and would use her as an excuse to make it and keep it here for her.  Look at the car and the camper...too cute.  Hey..... hooked piece?
This dresser scarf could easily be made into a cool rug hooking design and I liked the colors but the ruffle, which I like, might be a problem for me to figure out (maybe) in a hooked piece.
Well what a cool bag and needle punch!  The needle punch could easily be adapted into a primitive hooked mat too.
 The very last pages show credits as well as the remainder of the full size pattern inserts.
And since I love this magazine so much if you'd be interested in checking out the possibility of subscribing or buying just one issue, here is the info.  Just click and enlarge the picture for the info or for an email click HERE.  And for the web site click HERE.

Have a great evening everyone and hope you enjoyed previewing the magazine.


  1. Wow - that looks like a great magazine! I wonder if Barnes & Noble carry it? Will have to check because I'd love to buy a copy. Thanks for telling us about it Saundra!

  2. Looks like a great publication! All the Ohio places you mentioned are in "Amish country". Though I've been to Amish country (though I am not a big fan of the Amish because of their puppy mills), I've not been those places.
    Back to reality...back to work tomorrow. Oh, that is going to be hard!!!!!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. They do have some fun things in it and would be fun to hook too.


  4. *****the rug featured isn't her design. old rug...and she fashioned it after the one her
    friend edyth o'neill hooked. lots of people have hooked a version or two of that over the years.

  5. Looks so interesting ! I'll check out Barnes & Noble too


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