Friday, August 29, 2014

Still on the Drawing Table

A couple posts ago I showed you this silk painting I did while on vacation in 1998 (geez how time flies).  It resides on the wall in a section of my bathroom where the shower is.  Ever since then I've wanted to hook a rug like it for in front of my shower.  Finally it might come to fruition.
The area could accommodate a 24 x 36 rug but when I enlarged the design incrementally, it was 24 x 24.  So I cut out a piece of linen that could accommodate a pattern of 24 x 34 and thought I'd add length to it and expand it somehow.  This is how it started and you can see all the open background space on the two sides.  Sorry the wiggles happen when I take pictures of linen foundation and don't know why.  But if you double click on the pictures they enlarge and better to view.
In pondering what to do with the open space had considered putting in an extra cat or two but think it has plenty of busy going on with cats as it is.  So thought of a border on the two ends.  I could do alternate color stripes down each side (picture below).  BTW, that is thin landscape fabric I'm using and it is thinner than red dot which means it doesn't require drawing twice ~ once on the fabric and then again on the linen because it didn't show up clearly.  I purchased mine at Lowes and if you click on the link above that is what it looks like but mine didn't cost that and perhaps it was a smaller quantity.  But even so mine will last me years.
Or I could do rectangular shapes which appears in the some of the cats.
Or another idea is to do the zig zag border on the two ends.  I got a little carried away with drawing lines so tried to paint over them so as not to confuse you.  Not sure it did any good tho.
I wouldn't have a border on top or bottom but would extend one row of the same color which ended on the inside top and bottom, if you know what I mean. 

For the time being I'll leave it blank and see if I come up with any better ideas and perhaps even wait until Cape May to see if Ali has any suggestions and see what my roomie thinks.  Deb is very creative so perhaps she'll give me a little input as well.

Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.



  1. No matter what border you choose I am sure this is going to be a wonderful rug. Hope you share your progress as you go.

    Have a safe and happy holiday.

  2. Somehow I missed that you painted the cats originally, wow. Can hardly wait for the rug.

  3. You are brave, I think I would have just done a couple of the cats, lol. I have something similar that I painted from a rug kit I got, still need to finish it. I like the idea of a border since it has lots of kitties, will give it a nice edged finish.


  4. The borders are a great idea; look forward to seeing what you decide. :)

  5. This rug should be a challenge!!
    Looks like a lot of fine cut for all the detail work in the cats. I'm liking the zig-zag border.
    Have a great time at camp!!!

  6. What a fantastic rug this would make - border or not!


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