Saturday, August 23, 2014

Just Three Weeks Away

......before Rugs by The Sea in Cape May, NJ and I don't know what I'm going to hook.  Not that I don't have plenty of patterns in my stash that I've purchased, but also some I designed.

If you were a reader last year then you know how stressed I was hooking my departed Shadow girl.  Not this year baby, this year will be less stress and more fun.  This is shadow hooked in #8 strips.
There's always my favorite antique adaptations but I'm quite comfortable hooking those home by myself.  Here are some of the patterns that I've purchased from Woolley Fox and I've been wanting to hook and it would be so easy just to take one or two of these and hook away to my heart's content. 

This is a design called "Have you Any Wool" a design of Carol Endress from Woolley Fox and love how my gal pal Deb hooked hers.
Hannah's Hen has been patiently sitting on the side lines waiting for loops too, also from WF. This one that Barb hooked has a wonderful background that looks old.
Oh, and I've also Barb's Ned, a couple other sheep patterns, I've Rainbow Cabin, and a cat design, but have forgotten the name.  I also have a delightful pattern by Lucille Festa called Moon over Vermont that is calling my name too.
In my stash also is Karen Kahle's Catnip pattern, but again that is something that I could do at home and even between patterns.
 I drew out a rug based on a cute doll I made called "What's Its Name" by Kindred Spirits, here is the doll.  Oops, I chopped off her hair.  I even have more of that yarn left to use in my rug when and if I ever hook it.
And here is the rug design I drew based on the doll.
Another rug I designed is me and my two cousins.  We used to hang out together all summer long when we were kids.  This one I drew out about 9 years or so ago and stopped drawing because I got timid with the face and hands and decided I didn't want a realistic looking piece anyway ~ sorta more like what Deanne Fitzpatrick does with her people.  But I got cold feet, and gave up as I felt inadequate to hook it right.  Besides I'm not a fan of a narrow cut.
This is a close up of us three....Barbara, me, and Rachel.  The two girls are sisters and we still keep in touch, particularly me and Rachel.
The picture was taken in front of my grandfather's house, along his sidewalk.  The house behind us belonged to an elder woman who we, as silly kids, thought was a witch because she wore dark clothing all the time and we hardly ever saw her outside the house.  We would 'imagine' all kinds of evil and mysterious things were going on in the house and when we did hear or see the door open we would scramble.  Oh silly girls we were.  The house has been long gone as is now my grandfather's house.

I am quite sure that I will receive an e-mail from a friend (you know who you are Lynne), prodding me to finish drawing this rug and to hook it.

Anyway, in order to fully take advantage of Ali Strebel's art and creative mind I am also thinking of drawing out a 'paisley' design so that I might try something other than just plain hooking.  I know that my gal pal Deb will come out of her class with a most wonderful and colorful piece as she will use every technique known and demonstrated by Ali.  I've a wonderfully creative friend.

Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. Lots of beautiful rugs and I love the ones you are working on, those will be fun to hook. I would love to do a realistic rug, just need to decide what I would like to do and take the time to dye the wools for it.


  2. I'm sure you will come up with a wonderful project to work on.
    How is the commission piece coming along?
    Hugs :)


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