Friday, August 1, 2014

First Day in a New Month

Hard to believe it is August 1st already.  I'm looking forward to more cooler temps like we had a day or so ago.  Then the leaves will be changing and before you know it Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here.  Yeah, hard to believe when we have heat and humidity outside and grass growing like weeds.

As a member of Yahoo Rughookers group we sometimes have challenges or swaps that you may participate in if you wish.  We did the four seasons of Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring  once (at my age the thought of the Princess by that name on the Kukla Fran and Ollie show came to mind..... sorry for the flashback.

Anyway, my partner sent me her lovely hooked 8" mat of a turning fall leaf.
And my fall swap to her was a Lori Brechlin design from one of Lori's booklets.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll get lucky and find a suitable field grown red, ripe, juicy tomato.  So far this year I've been very disappointed in every tomato I've purchased from the local farmer's markets.  I heard the season started too late with cooler temps when it is normally warmer.  Then later I find out they were either shipped in from NC, or maybe they were hot house tomatoes, I've even asked the vendors if the tomatoes had been refrigerated before I buy because that also changes the texture and flavor of a tomato. 

So several times this summer I've paid $4.50 per quart which has maybe 5 tomatoes in it.  After cutting into one after the other if they are mealy or tasteless I end up cooking them down and freezing for spaghetti or soup.  Let me tell you I can buy a can of tomatoes for 59 cents in a store locally and that is an expensive 2 cans of tomatoes I just cooked down. 

Anyway, here's hoping I can find some GOOD field garden tomatoes tomorrow.  Have a great evening everyone.


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  1. Oh how I'd love a tomato freshly picked off the vine!!!
    I refuse to believe it is August. It just can't be.
    Hugs :)


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