Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rug Hooking Magazine

Oh my but what a great issue Rug Hooking Magazine this is.  It is chock full of eye candy.  One day I'd like to do an adaptation of an artists work but not sure yet who I'll do and continually search for the one that special one that speaks to me.
September/October 2014 Issue
While the artists' adaptations were wonderful, this rug on 'human form' made me awestruck and had to stare at the simplicity and beauty of this piece below.  (Sorry for the glare on the page).  It is entitled "The Golden Earring" designed and hooked by Gloria Reynolds of Hinesburg, VT. 

There were a few other great hooked body form rugs in this issue and this one is done by someone I know, Nancy Lee Ross of Hinesburg, VT also.
I first met Nancy Lee when she lived in Maryland and she and I were in our first camp in Ocean City, MD.  I remember that she had been lucky enough to be given all the hooking equipment by an elder man whose wife had been a hooker. 

My friend and I were shocked that Nancy Lee picked up hooking so fast as that was her first learning experience and all her loops looked like they'd been steam pressed after she pulled the loops.  Nancy now lives in Vermont and still pulling those nice loops.

If you don't subscribe to the magazine you might want to check out the issue next time you are at Barnes and Noble or perhaps subscribe on line.

Have a fun filled and safe Labor Day.



  1. What a coincidence that both hookers are from the same town in the same issue of RHM.
    Hugs :)

  2. I went out looking for a copy tonight but I guess it's not here yet. They only sell it in one store in my town.

  3. I used to get their magazine and found a bunch of old issues, lots of great articles and patterns to enjoy for years to come. The problem with the old ones is, I got them in a thrift and didn't realize they were musty till I got home, so they stay in the basement.


  4. It just got it gave it a quick glance I will sit down and really read it when I have some extra time.

  5. Wasn't that an awesome Issue!! I loved the Masters Work article and could not believe my eyes when I saw the Georgia O'keefe Poppies! My mother wants a poppy rug... I asked! And she said she wanted a detailed flower vs abstract. I told her I wish I could do O'keefe's Poppy but figured there were copy right restrictions. So I will be planning a adaptation for my mother who loves red poppies and I love the gray greens of the pods. A very inspiring issue indeed.


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