Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hooking on the Deck

In the early evening a couple days ago I decided to do a little hooking on the deck near the fish pond.  Yes that would be a glass of either Cabernet or Pinot Noir you see there.  Very calming to be hooking with the sound of water trickling down the waterfall, fresh air, birds singing, ah what a life.  Deer will roam beyond the fence and I can watch them from my kitchen window or any room at the back of the house. 
The main reason I moved my hooking out there that day was the constant visitor to my back yard..... a red tail hawk.  They are beautiful and understand they need to eat too.  But it was getting near dusk when my bunny rabbits come out to feast and I was protecting them.  The red tail hawks have a couple young ones now and can hear their cries in the sky overhead.  Several times that day one would perch on the rail of the fence waiting for it's prey so I tried to deter that by staking my claim to my land and my critters.
 Here are a few of my fish who came to grab a nibble.  I'm sure a lot of fish are under the water fall where it is cooler, dark and safer.  When I purchased my goldfish (I've also had Koi), the owner of the garden center who sold the goldfish to me said the goldfish really didn't need to be fed at all, that there would be enough algae in the water to nourish them.  Plus that would take the work of keeping a clean pond easier for me.  Yet it is fun to watch the fish come swimming to the edge of the pond with open mouths so they get treats once in a while.
Another shot.
And here is a picture I just took but it is too hot to be out there this evening to hook.  So I'll enjoy the creature comforts of the A/C while I hook this afternoon.  However, I'll pay a visit to my kitchen to be sure no red tail hawk is perched on the fence waiting for it's dinner.
Have a great evening and hope you all have an enjoyable evening.  I managed to get my grass cut after 1 1/2 hours today ~ big yard.  Ben's backyard was the first to get done.  That would be the area around the deck and pond.



  1. Saundra ~
    What a wonderful yard! Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs :)

  2. What a beautiful place to sit and relax, would love a yard like that. I have lots of room, but no landscaping.


  3. You are the Alpha Girl, survivor of the fittest, protecting your critters!!

  4. Saundra,
    FYI, goldfish are koi and will keep growing bigger in proportion to the size of the habitat. At many stables with automatic water troughs out in the pasture to keep from carrying buckets of water up and down, horse owners would keep koi in them to eat the algae. Being such a hardy fish, they often make it through our cold weather here in north Florida.


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