Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Will I be Ready in Time?

Just look at the mess in my wool room.  There's so much going on in there and if I don't have enough of my own 'stuff' going on most of yesterday was spent designing and redesigning a pattern for someone else.  Well, thankfully around 3 p.m. it was decided and drawn.  Now I can deal with my own stuff.

There's wool on the floor, containers with wool still left from the rug camp with Barb in May (yup, May, 3 months later), patterns draped across the back of chair while I was deciding what to hook at Cape May (less than 3 weeks away).
Notice on the photo below there's even more wool plopped wherever it landed that is being used in the commission I'm still working on.  But at least I've started drawing out something for ME to hook at Cape May.  You can see the empty linen on the drawing table.  I've enlarged the design, cut and serged my linen and now need to draw it out.
I've dubbed this design as "Ali Katz".  Get it?  Since my teacher in Cape May is Ali Strebel thought it might be a CATcy name. 
Have a great afternoon everyone. 



  1. Bright and colorful. Will enjoy watching it come to fruition under your capable hands.

  2. You know we are addicted when we have a "wool room". LOL I had to box a lot of mine up when my daughter moved back, miss having it out where I can see it;)



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