Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vintage Rug Show Time

As I've been busy working on the commission rug I've not hooked anything more on my Mache Jacks.  So to keep my blog active figured it was time for a little vintage rug eye candy.  This one I found just recently. 
This rug below holds me captive so stare at it long and hard each time I turn the page in the Kopp book and when I see it on Pinterest.  I've said I don't do color well ~ so perhaps it is that my eye doesn't choose colors well from my wool with the eye yet I know what I like when it is all together. 
This one has been replicated and offered before and it is on the long list of things I'd like to hook one day.
Wonder how old this design really is?  Was it an original in the mind and hand of the hooker or was it a stamped pattern sold from the back of the travelling wagon?  Perhaps that is a mystery never to be learned but which intrigues me.
Looks like the Bunny was the main focus of this hooker.  The primitive scrolls and changes in color of those scrolls are great as she used what she had.  And my favorite is the aged and faded wool for the border of this one ~ always my favorite background using the blotchy and faded look.
Okay guys have tried to provide a little eye candy to keep my blog alive so now it is time to do boring stuff like clean out my fish pond filters, then back to working on the commission.  Am hoping to take a break from the commission to finish the Mache Jacks maybe tomorrow. 

Have a great evening, here in the east we are supposed to have a cool front come thru with lower humidity.  YES!!!!!  My boy Rottie Ben and I will enjoy that.



  1. Great antique rugs, love using them for inspiration. It will be nice not to have humidity for once.


  2. *****nice to see the barbara merry rug. her designs were wonderful and one of a kind. all wool was folded in half and hooked
    through the foundation.

  3. I love the rug on the top. Theres just something about houses. Plus, I love the colors used. Real pretty.

  4. "Saundra of Woodland Junction" has been included in our Sites To See #385. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  5. I love the first one with the houses....they are all neat ....


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