Sunday, September 28, 2014

This and That from Cape May

Thought I'd show you a few photos of the in progress rugs from the four classes.  On Thursday we have a 'throw down' in the front yard so all students and teachers can see what each of us has been working on.  It is also a great time to see designs which may go on our "must have and hook" list.  This rug below is being hooked by Ohio gal Deb and think she is using every technique Ali taught us.  The green leaves to the left side were Deb's favorite things on her rug.
 Another rug from the Ali class.
I thought the birthday cake and banner were cute.  Sandra did needle felted the letters. 

Below is roomie Deb's piece which is an adaptation of a Gustav Klimt art.

I have also hooked Rufus the lion.


 This is Sue, from Ohio,  wearing a nifty sweat shirt that her pal Deb did embroidery on.  Ya just gotta love the wording!

Have a great Sunday everyone.



  1. Nice work from all. I LOVE the purple goat. She's got attitude!

  2. Lots of beautiful rugs, love rug hooking and how you can go from antique look to modern and fun.


  3. Looks like a great variety of styles !

  4. I know both Deb and Sue ~ nice gals for sure!

    I love that purple goat, too!


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