Monday, September 22, 2014

Wonderful Samples by Ali Strebel

Oh but these pictures will not do justice to the pieces you see on my blog.  But up close in person and to touch they are remarkable.  At least it will stimulate your palate.

Ali (Kindred Spirits) brought several pieces, some finished and some works in progress.  But they all had some technique or several techniques in each piece.  Actually, think Ali said this heart had all the techniques she showed us for the sampler we practiced.  OMG, is this heart delicious or what?
Here is a fantastic crow pillow hooked on a loosely woven wool which has a couple techniques not including the hooking on wool. Primitive is my style and still can find Ali's techniques suitable for primitive.
This is a close up of the needle felting spots done to the wing of the black bird.  Cool, eh?  I'm using needle felting in the rug which will go on my floor.
Oh but I just love this Bee Skep.  Again there are a few techniques in this piece beyond just hooking which makes it special.
Even more techniques which still lend themselves to primitive designs but using artsy techniques are in this nice piece below.
Hey, ya know, I was going to post all her samples here tonight but her class is so special and you learn so much from the hands on in class that I'm leaving you with just this teaser.  And NO, she did not ask me to do this and am NOT on her payroll.  Well ......maybe I'll show you one more thing....this are needle felted circles which Ali did on a foam base first, then stitched onto the backing then hooked around. 
If you are interested in having Ali as a teacher at your group or camp you can contact her HERE.

Let me tell you there was so much overload of fun, learning, laughs, etc.  That I am now just beginning to get back to normal since arriving home last Friday.

I've given Ali's name to a rug camp even closer to home and hope some year soon they will have her as a teacher.

Have a great evening everyone.  Tomorrow there will be a rug show from Cape May.  There were so many rugs that it might take two or three blog posts to get them all in since some have stories behind them.



  1. SO COOL!!! I've not seen any of these. LOVE the 1918 mat.
    Ali is very artsy-fartsy and a bundle of fun.
    Looking forward to more ~ much more.
    Hugs :)

  2. so wonderful! great color just amazing.

  3. Beautiful rugs and I like the mix of colors and textures.


  4. Mmmm...... Great eye candy - thanks Saundra!


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