Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Magdalena's Olde Ducks

This is the rug started in the class with Betsy Reed in Ocean City, MD.  It is a rug Magdalena hooked in the 1800's.  As I was semi-following Magdalena's palate (but using what I had) didn't really need hand-holding but it sure was nice to be in Betsy's class to enjoy her company and her to give me input when I was stuck. 

Here is a picture of where I am right now.  Yeah, I know..... not much accomplished.  But remember I also recently finished the cute Jolly snowman and bound the Folk Art Horse. 

Anyway, the only wool cut so far for this rug was from the three pieces you see here.  The rest of the wool is and will be from my worm bags to give the rug an aged look.
And oh my what a mess these individual bags become when they mingle.  Magdalena used a lot of red, darks and lights in her rugs.  I'm guessing that the Union Suit reds got used a lot when they no longer were functional. 
I derive a lot of pleasure using my wool worms.  But as mentioned above they usually end up I a hot mess knotted ball.  That is because I'm a slob and lose control of my colors. 

So how did Magdalena hook??? Did she hook a section with what fabric pieces she had at that moment?  Did she hook the pieces as they became available?  That would explain how she never ended up with a hot mess of a ball of wool worms. 

Although I wouldn't want to live back in those harder times I sure would like to visit or be a fly on the wall for an overview of live back then.  Hey, wouldn't that be fun for us hookers to be a part of a 'life back then' experience ? 

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. Your rug is coming along nicely, that is a fun piece to do. I would assume she used what she had and she was a naive artist, so no thought went into the design or colors and that is what makes it so nice.


  2. lovin' your ducks, esp. the one in the lower right corner of the photo. it would be fun to be a fly on her wall!

  3. I agree with WoolenSail that she probably used what she had as the floors were very cold and having rugs underfoot was more important than the design and colors. I'm sure she didn't worry much about colors and exactness.

    It's like a kid's drawing that is so charming because of it innocence that draws us to their art.

    I've seen an Olde Duck rug in one of the Rug Hooking Magazine and I think yours is looking nicer as far as I'm concerned.



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