Thursday, February 19, 2015

Magdalena Style Crow in the Making

This will be the reverse side of the sweet Betsy Crow design on the other side.  You can also see blue and black drawings as I'm deciding my final pattern.  Stay tuned and see what happens.
I know, you're disappointed you only saw this part.  This is a teaser of sorts because I am thinking of changing the berry (in the crow's beak) to a brighter red. After all, Magdalena hooked with bright reds (Long johns maybe?)

Have a great evening everyone, hope all of you are warm and comfy. 



  1. What a woman. I'd make them in to two pillows. No wait, I'd hook two crows and then do nothing with them. I am famous for that.
    We're at -4 and falling. Have I mentioned that I H-A-T-E winter?
    Stay warm and safe. I'm sure Ben does better in this weather than poor Ellie.
    Hugs :)

  2. Your crow colors are perfect again.
    Hook on so we can see the rest.
    Have a great hooking weekend.


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