Sunday, March 1, 2015

Magdalena Style Crow, Clean Up & Choosing Wool Pillow Back

As planned, the Magdalena style Crow was finished this morning, it was steamed as was Betsy's crow. Here are two pictures, one with a flash and one without.

Again it was very rewarding to use up a lot of woolie worms hooking this and Betsy's Crow;  but look at this aftermath.  Try tho I may at keeping all the colors contained in the baggies which were chosen for the projects, a lot ended getting mixed together anyway.  Believe it or not, the sofa is clean and all worms returned to the original baggies and placed back on the shelf in open plastic containers for easy access.  But I swear it didn't seem like there was any more space in those containers than before.
I love remnant bins at fabric stores and REALLY LOVE Heavens To Betsy remnant bag sale days when she has them.  This is a heavy coat weight piece of wool found in one of the store bins.  It is definitely far too heavy to use for hooking so will be a perfect weight for the pillow backs.  Problem is which side??????
One side is a brushed finish and the other regular.  My eyes first gravitated to the unbrushed chevron side (on the right below Betsy's Crow).  But in the picture above, the brushed left side looks better since it is darker.  Maybe this photo below will help me make up my mind as the fabric pic is taken at closer range.
Well since there is nothing new on my frame, I'll finish binding Hannah's Hen and get it on the wall.  Must admit I'm going thru withdrawal with no pattern on my frame....just doesn't feel normal.

It is March 1st and came in like a lion, not a lamb.  First there was a little snow (over the previous two snow falls), then it changed to freezing rain which is ongoing.  If my boy Ben needs to use the potty it will be in our back yard as I refuse to break a leg or hip by walking him tonight.  At 10:30 this morning when I took him during the snow he slipped and fell twice.  Not me thankfully.  So not going to gamble and try again.  He is a dog after all, he is safe inside and if he needs to go out he can surely go out back and I'll do scooping later.

Have a great evening everyone and hope you are all warm.



  1. I have that same wool and I always use the darker side. I have used it for hooking and appliqué, love using the heavy weights for some things.


  2. I love your crow and I vote for the darker side.
    make sure your dog doesn't fall to much a friend of mine her dog ripped her ACL and had to have surgery very expensive surgery.

  3. I really like those crows. I vote dark side also. Stay safe. The weather has been crazy. However if given the choice I'd rather "in like a lion" and hope for "out like a lamb".

  4. Hmmm...I like the light one because of the texture. If it were mine I'd put it in a light tan dye bath.

  5. I think those worms multiply like rabbits :)
    I was going to vote for the dark side, but I do like susiedele's idea of a tan dye bath, too.
    Decisions, decisions.
    I'm sure you will have something new on your frame tout de suite.
    Hugs :)

  6. Your Crow mats are wonderful!! Love them!

  7. By the time you read this your pillow will probably be finished. I'm lagging behind like a kid with short legs.

    I vote for the light side and a tan bath too.
    I think it would look fantastic.

    I vote also that the boy dog does his business in the back yard until it's safe for you to walk him.

    I did a wee bit of hooking today while I waited for some wool to finish in the dye bath.

    Take care.


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