Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Working in the Present, Thinking in the Future

Only the right side hit and miss on Hannah needs to be hooked, then steamed and bound.  As always I will take my time completing the binding and maybe carry it with me to work on as I wait for a doctor appointment or picking up my grandson from school.
I'm glad it is taking me a while to complete this small task because it has enabled me to ponder that Crow pattern of Betsy's waiting in the wings.  Good grief, the photo just taken of the linen looks horrid on my screen and hope you all don't feel like you have vertigo when you look at it.  When I made the Hearts and Swags piece into a pillow I used Betsy's recommended technique of buying a cheap pillow at Walmart.  But, this pillow form has been in my stash forever and the design from Betsy is accommodating.
Anyway, my plans are to make the crow pattern into a pillow.  I will put Betsy's crow on one side and I will draw out a Magdalena-style Crow for the other side.  When I hooked my last pillow (seen below).  This is a photo with a flash, sorry it is so washed out but at least you can pick out all of the Heavens to Betsy wool I used in it. 
The back was a wool patchwork.  It is only from the back side that you can see the wonderful old looking binding technique we learned from Betsy in our class.  That binding gives me a warmness of having to make do and appears that the pillow needed repair so gives a look of age.  Well I want to do that binding technique on the new pillow. 
So I'm thinking if the back is hooked as well as the front, then the binding technique will be visible from either side equally.  Which means eye candy on both sides and not hidden in the back where the thinner exterior is.

Haven't drawn out the other crow yet and haven't started gathering wool yet either.  Obviously am hoping to use up some of my worms on the Betsy side and not sure about the other side yet.  But the wheels are turning in my head and am thinking about how I'll hook the other side.  Stay tuned to see what happens and right now I've no idea myself.  Hey, it is all in the journey.

Have a fantabulous evening.



  1. Really like the Hit or Miss border. And I so enjoy following your thought process for your projects.

  2. It always amazes me that you can take a funky pattern and turn it into WOW! I know bad english but you get the point. I wasn't sure about the colors at first but I absolutely love them.

  3. I really love the colors on this one and how you bought them out in the borders.


  4. Love the hit and miss border, am going to give it a try soon. Anxious to see what colors you use on the pillow.

  5. Hannah is so close so you'd better get busy picking wool!
    Hugs :)

  6. Hannah looks mighty proud of your job and is anxious for you to finish the other side...
    I love the washed out colors in the pillow in the next photo. Very warm and pretty.


  7. Your rug is looking great Saundra!!
    I also love the patchwork wool back to you antique pillow!


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