Friday, June 19, 2015

Been Thinking....What's Next?

As you could tell from yesterday's post I'm itching to take a wee break from the Man Cave rug and contemplated pulling loops on that antique rug.  Well after looking at it again nixed that idea, rolled it back up and stored it away again.  So am now thinking about one of these two projects.

This simple small black kitten has been tugging at my heart strings ever since I saw it.  And already have loads of similar colored background wool but I'd dirty up some even more to give it the old look.  Problem?  It isn't on linen yet.
Or, since I already have Lucille Festa's "Hobo Joe" pattern could start this right away since it is already on linen and would reduce my stash of patterns by one.  That would "only" leave 27 patterns left in my stash....sheesh ~ that impulse buying habit of mine!
If I choose Hobo Joe don't think I'd make him a cut out but rather a mat to enjoy on my kitchen harvest table or end table.

Oh, by the way, a loyal follower wrote me this morning asking if the sweet annie I mentioned in yesterday's post really worked as a moth repellent.  And it is; you can read about it yourself HERE.  There were a lot of other links but most of those had the technical names of Sweet Annie and all species of her relatives.  So do you own search if the link above doesn't satisfy your curiousity.

Have a great weekend y'all.



  1. ACK! I can't keep up with you.
    Not sure I'd want to tackle finishing that antique rug, but I probably would have bought it, too.
    I vote for the kitty mat ~ unless you want to get a jump on fall.
    Happy weekend to you.
    Hugs :)

  2. I vote for the little kitty also. I couldn't think of Jack-o-lantern just yet. You are a prolific rug hooker and i'm a prolific weeder. The only border i'm working on is the flower bed border, hehe.
    Have a great sleep.

  3. go for the hobo, but only if you want to spend lots of time for changes as you go along. the little kitty would probably work up faster. either will be terrific!

  4. I love the kitty, but if if was me I would do the one already drawn. I hate drawing them on

  5. You get things done quickly. I envy you I am so behind with what I want to do.


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