Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Slow to Go on my Son's Rug

Perhaps it is time for me to put something, anything, on my frame other than the Man Cave rug as I'm taking one step forward and then two back.  OMG, this is a picture just now taken out on my deck in natural evening lighting and the flash didn't go off since the light was suitable.
Wow, what a difference natural lighting makes with a no flash picture outside.  Now I'm going to take a picture with a flash inside.  Actually, this one below was taken just inside the porch area in the same light except the flash DID go off.
As you could see I'm not even half way done and there's just slightly over 6 months left for me to finish this project before it is due as a Christmas gift.  ......uh, I've got rug camp in September.... uh, and already I'm getting bored with this one.

Yes, sad to say but it is true...I'm bored with this but there is nothing else ready to put on my frame so will work on it. So now I'm thinking about delaying the gift until his birthday January 16th and getting him something else for Christmas. 

Perhaps the name of my blog post should have been "airing my dirty laundry'.

Hope you guys and gals have a great evening and will pull a few more loops on the rug until bed time....(SOON).



  1. I think your son's rug is coming along great ! Sorry you are struggling with it , but he will Love it & it will look great in his man cave & a very special gift from a special Mom !

  2. It looks wonderful to me!
    Maybe just press on through, and get it over with?


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