Monday, June 15, 2015

Rug Hooking Smorgasbord

First message I read this morning on my iPad was a sweet comment from Julie of Primitive Heartstrings.  She has just started hooking her very first mat and is doing a terrific job.  Pay her a visit, and do like I've done and add her to your side bar so you can follow her journey into rug hooking.  Great job Julie.

So after yesterday's blog post some of you are feeling a little unsatisfied and state that one rug does not a mini rug show make....right Lauren?  I'm sitting here chuckling as I write this.  Okay, so let me make that up to you right now.  I'm going to post some pictures of rugs my gal pal and camp roomie Deb has hooked.

First up is New England Berry Tree, a Woolley Fox design.
Below is Peace and Plenty, a design by Spruce Ridge Studios.
The Tree of Life is an easily recognizable design. 
Berk's County Bouquet is one she either did with Barb Carroll at the Lancaster ATHA class or purchased the pattern and hooked it at home, not sure which.
The pattern below is a design by Bev Conway and sorta think it is called Three Amigos.
Below is another design by Spruce Ridge Studios and is guessed it....Glad Tidings.
Got Wool is a design by Woolley Fox.
Magdalena Briner's design Birds and Dog below.
 A Karen Kahle design known as Monticello Deb hooked with Barb Carroll at Woolley Fox camp. 
Crips, this next photo must have had the camera sideways and even tho the photo was up righted using the paint program it goes back to it's original position....sorry.  Anyway, this is a Gustav Klimt design Tree of Life that Deb drew and hooked at Cape May camp last year.  Deb used every hooking technique that Ali Strebel taught us in class.  Deb had so much fun that she is again in a class with Ali this week and can't wait to see what she hooks.

Next is called Hildefern and is a design of Woolley Fox.  Deb used pieces of her antique paisley for each of the fern leaves. 
This cute rubber ducky mat is something Deb hooked as a gift to Barb Carroll one year.  She and I decided to each hook a rubber ducky and present it to her one year when we attended camp there.
 Think this one is called Nurturing Friendship and totally forget who the designer is.
This is a face purse that was gifted to me and hooked by Deb.  She has hooked and sold several of them.  I use to wear it but got so many people stopping me asking where I got it that now I hang it on the wall as a piece of art....which it is.
These were some purses Deb had hooked but not finished when I dropped by to visit her.  Under the purses you can see the sketch of what was to be Gustav Klimt's design she later hooked.

She has hooked many other rugs and sadly don't have a picture of all of them.

And, don't forget to drop by to check out Minick and Simpson's Day 2 of sales and silent auctions.  Have a great day and good luck.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    Thank you so much for mentioning my first hooking project! So very kind and generous of you!!! I loved seeing all these wonderful rugs and am inspired to keep at loop at a time!!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!!!
    Warm Hugs~

  2. That is a really impressive rug show... surely Lauren will be impressed. Myself, I thought the mini rug show was great. Some people ..... hehe.. By the way, I love that Lauren.

    I did visit Julie's blog like you wanted me to and I even decided to follow. I enjoy seeing someone put me to shame. Some beginners are prolific.

    Now I have to go weed some more . Talk to you later.

  3. Saundra,
    Okay, just how big is your photo archives? Between all your rugs, your friends rugs and antique rugs, it must be stuffed to the gills. Ever have problems finding exactly what you want to highlight?
    Oh to have that kind of problem.
    Take care.

  4. My goodness, Deb is a prolific hooker and so very versatile. That face purse is definitely a work of art. Lucky you to have such a generous and talented friend. more than made up for yesterday's mini rug show. No matter what...I still love you :)


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