Monday, June 29, 2015

Thrift Dropping Shopping

Actually the day started out well with me finally releasing some of the items I've held onto too long.  I dropped off a huge box of clothing, cotton fabrics and craft supplies no longer wanted or use.  That drop off is on one end of the building and delivery was made successfully. 

The entrance which holds priced thrift shop items is on the other end.  Sadly I chose to see if there were any "Life is Good" tee shirts or other items to my liking.  Thank gawd I found no clothing as I'm trying to empty my closets and drawers.  And it isn't the time of year to be tempted by wool clothing for rugs. 

What I did find was this basket which is only about 4" tall but has 6 sections in which to put wool for hooking projects.  My hope is that there will be NO MORE wool mess around me on the sofa rather the strips for the rug will be contained in each of these bins.  (Oh really Saundra???)
This shows the measurements of this wonderful basket.
Only minor advancement made on the Black Kitten Mat but think there may be interest from others out there to join me.  All are welcome and would love it if you'd share your work with me. 
Today is supposed to be the last of the low humid days  for a while.  I enjoyed that time with Ben and a glass of wine on the back deck as he kept a watchful eye on squirrel movement.  Thankfully my electric bill will be lower this month but think it is about to rise since heat and humidity is to do so also.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. Great find and I am always looking for baskets and boxes I can use for storage and attaching pieces too, now i need to thin out, lol. The kitty would be fun to do, but for now i need to finish the rug I am making for my nieces doll house, in punch and way too big for me to punch, but finally filling in the background.


  2. That is a great basket (but if you're like me you will still have a mess on the sofa). I'm hopeless. Lol

  3. Great find, Saundra!! I love sectioned baskets and containers!!! Hope it works for you!!! Your kitten rug is looking good!!!
    Warm Hugs~

  4. Your rug is looking great. I love your find at the thrift. we have so much rain I am ready for the sun to shine today.

  5. Kitty is moving along... looking good..., glass of wine on the deck with Ben, de-cluttering and finding a nice basket to hold your worms all sound nice to me. Hope the sun shine for you today. It's shining with clouds in the mix here this morning.

    Have a great day.

  6. Hi Saundra, I have been working on my three kitty adaption. Mine look super primitive! I am tweaking it and I am painfully trying to get it right. Hugs cheri


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