Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rug Show of a Friend's Work

Even if I don't have any progress to show today thought I'd show you some rugs another friend of mine has done.  These items were hooked by my friend Shari and more than likely she has sold everything I'm showing you.  The turkey below was a Need'llove design in a booklet called "Falloween"
She hooked this design below by Mad Hen and I also have the rug which I'll eventually hook one day....sigh.
Not sure who designed the top rugs but the rooster was a pattern by Mad Hen.  Think I've a picture of just that rug in my files somewhere.

Two rugs just to the right of the witch are designs by Mad Hen I think.
A couple different rugs but you also get to see some of her dolls.
Antique adaptation of two cats.
A cute bunny.
A primitive cat mat.
I can see she sent me a lot of the pictures before they were even bound, probably because I bugged her, lol.
 A Chipmunk door stop.
Oops, she had her camera tilted and remembered it's original position.  This is a rug she hooked at Woolley Fox and is an adaptation of an antique.
This below is a design by Woolley Fox called Rags, I believe.
Another photo taken with the camera tilted, sorry.  Not sure who it is designed by.
Below is a design by Karen Kahle and was in an old issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  I also hooked this design and want to hook it again one day...soon?  So darn many rugs I want to hook.
Below was a commissioned piece Shari did for someone and is an antique adaptation.
Home Tweet Home is a design by Karen Kahle.
Shari's design maybe?
Old Friends is a design by Shari and I've got it on linen drawn and ready to go.  I really want to hook this one too.  She drew it while here and was inspired by her doll and stuffed animal art work.  At the time I was making dolls and doing shows also.  Might be kinda nice to hook that memory and our bonding as friends.
Shari also attended the ATHA event when in Lancaster and hooked Berks County Bouquet.
And yet another rug on it's side.  Shari hooked Domestic Zoo which is a design by Magdalena Briner and offered as a pattern by me.
I know there are plenty more rugs and mats she has hooked but deleted some which were also on their sides.  Anyway, it gives you a little eye candy so that your visit to my blog wasn't a total waste.

FYI, I received Betsy's wool samples today so if you don't get yours in the next couple days you may wish to contact her to be sure you are still on the mailing list.

And, it is DAY 4 of silent auctions and sales on Minick and Simpson so stop by to see what they have. 

Have a wonderful evening everyone.  Time for me to take my boy Ben out for his nightly walk. 



  1. She is quite the prolific hooker! It was so nice to meet her (because of you) at the ATHA biennial. WONDERFUL rugs.
    Hugs :)

  2. Such beautiful rugs by your friend!! I hope someday I can hook some of those!!! Thank you for always sharing such wonderful eye candy!
    Enjoy your week!
    Warm Hugs ~


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