Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hmm, What Time is It?

If you said 'antique rug show time' you'd be right and must know me well.  And if only I could have some of the ladies who hooked them in a room with me am sure there would be great stories to be told.  Good stories, sad stories, rugs hooked out of happy times and rugs hooked to use pent up stress.  Well heck, isn't that what we all do now?

To the woman who hooked the rug below I'm wondering if it was a rug destined to be for the marriage of a couple on March 6, 1931?  She used few colors but definitely does the job.
Amazing what women achieved using what they had and make rugs to put on their dirt or drafty floor.  The rug below shows the hooker had talent.  She used very few colors, just what she had on hand.  And with manipulation of the abstract background and borders was able to show there was a border and central focus.  And the house with the black outline with differences between value you can see the windows and door.  It is easy to see this creative woman made a rug for not just a house, but  her home.  This is from the Susan Parrish estate early 20th century.
Below is a Lancaster County, PA chain stitched rug and is delightful.  Is on my long list of rugs I want to hook.  Although hard to see with the fading, there is a main duck in the center of the piece.
Another here is a Canadian rug hooked between 1880 and 1890 with wool and cotton.  Also on my list to hook.  Love the simplicity and the dirty used colors. 
Yes, believe it or not I really have hooked rugs with color.  Perhaps that should be a couple posts where my colorful rugs are shown and another day when the antique adaptions are shown.

My boy Ben needs to go for his walk now that the thunder and rain has passed.  Tomorrow will be July 1st????  Really??  So that means there is only 2 plus months before Cape May Rug camp.  I understand there are spaces left in week 1.  Don't know which teachers, but if anyone is interested you can still sign up.  To learn about Cape May and RUGS BY THE SEA rug camp click on that link provided.  On that link you can also write Norma or Linda who can help you.

Have a good evening everyone.



  1. I thought you were going to say wine time but a rug show is good too. Cheers friend

  2. I've seen that last rug several times before and absolutely LOVE it.
    Wine time sounds pretty good to me.
    How on earth can it be July?
    Hugs :)

  3. It is amazing how wonderful the rugs looked with so little to use in them, I think that is what I like about them.


  4. It's an impressive antique rug show. I checked the link you gave and my oh my..., it looks like a great place for rug hookers to gather. I love the rug on the header. Are you going? What a silly question...

    We're celebrating Canada Day but I'll be working and I'll also be working on eating fresh red lobster from PEI. yea!!!



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