Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Time To Switch Projects

Thank goodness I'm ready to start my Black Kitten Mat.  It is patiently waiting for me on my frame, I've cut some of the background wool and pulled out my worms for the rest.  Well, okay, I did cut some wide cut primitive black but not much as there is a bag of various colors and strip sizes that would be great for the cat.

So the cat picture will be by my side when I finally sit down, the background wool is in the smaller basket and the worms are in the plastic container and in the bags.  And  yes, my loyal companion Ben will be to my right and by my side all night long.  See those white dot eyes?
By the way, Ben was acting as my protector last night when the horrific storm came up.  I knew the storm was coming but he heard sounds outside before I did and thought he had to go to the bathroom so let him out back.  He bolted out the back porch door and started barking like an attack dog. 

It was then it dawned on me the storm might have developed into a tornado.  I live in the woods and could now hear snapping and thrashing of debris coming thru the woods behind me.  So started screaming Ben's name so he and I could go into a closet to be safe. Seems that as quickly as the worst wind came up it soon departed.  But Ben would not let me out of his sight.

Had a lot of tree debris to pick up this morning before I could cut grass (yes, the new mower works again) before the next onslaught of rain and summer storms starting again tomorrow afternoon.  Most limbs and leaves I picked up but this was too heavy and needs man power.
They may look like easy limbs to drag but they aren't.  And, there are several there which has a lot of weight with healthy leaves...used to be healthy. 
And here is the look of the Man Cave Rug as it is folded away for a bit.  I'm at a comfortable place now to play and have fun hooking.  There is still some dark wool which needs to be pulled out around the pool balls, also need to get the word MAN centered properly.  But hey, I've still got almost 6 months before it is due. 
And for those of you who many not know, my big boy Ben was adopted at the age of 3 years 7 months.  I've had him 3 years now and he is wonderful.  His only fault is fast moving vehicles as he was a car chaser.  Ben is never let loose and thanks to my ex has a fenced in back yard that he can enjoy.  Ben still gets his walks daily because no family member likes to see the same scenery or smells every day.  Just love my boy Ben.  Think pet adoption.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. What a scare I could see it the way you told your tale. Cheri

  2. I'm so glad that you're OK...
    Those storms are frightening and bless Ben's heart for being your protector. He knew there was danger.

    We had thunder and lightning last night and I never heard a thing as I slept like a log but it kept my son in law up all night. It ruined his sleep so he was tired this morning.

    Your man cave rug is looking really nice. Time for the cat rug...

    Good night.

  3. Living in FL for 45 years we went through many a hurricane so I know the feeling of scared.
    A tornado I'd be freaking out. Now that we are in the NW people think that 30 mph is strong winds. Man Cave is looking good. Waiting to see black cat develop. Going to a rug show tomorrow, hoping there will be some good vendors.

  4. Thankful you both are okay, I love the cat rug already.

  5. Put a new rug on my frame today. The Green Bunny by Sharon Smith. Love her designs and have at least one more to do. Lately I seem to be hooking lots of bunnies. Need to shift directions for my next one. Perhaps start a Christmas Santa.

  6. Saundra, I learned to hook on burlap about 20 years ago and am interested in picking it back up again. Could you tell me which is the best foundation, linen or Monk's cloth and where is the best source to find it?

  7. Colleen, you are a NO-REPLY blogger and no messages I type to you will reach you. So in the event you read this comment on an old post, write me personally so that I can give you the answer.

    1. Thanks, Saundra. What is your email address?

  8. I'll post it in this comment but in the future you can scroll down my blog, under the About Me information to view my entire profile which provides and email address. For now, it is


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