Sunday, June 21, 2015

Black Kitten Mat

Well this 'could' be next on my frame since it is at least drawn on linen. You followers have seen me post this picture time and time again, but for you just reading my blog this is an antique mat which has seen some love and wear.
At first glance do you think it is a small mat and the picture taken at an angle OR do you think it was a chair pad and was more narrow in the back than the front?  I've an antique rocker which is shaped like this.  I wasn't sure but decided to make it an irregular shaped chair pad with rounded corners. So that is what I drew.  NAH, don't like it so I flipped over the linen.
This is what I drew.  Now I had to do some fudging on the background and it isn't exactly like the original antique but it will work.  Hey, it's an antique adaptation.  I like to draw in the lines where the color chanes happen even on the cat where you see a lighter dark.  Helps me to draw it instead of guestimating.  AND, I still wanted those rounded corners.
This is wool I pulled, which is close; some is au natural plain, as well as textured and some is over dyed.  For sure I'll check my worm baggies FIRST to have some unmatched but similar wool placed here and there to add to the old look.  And, whatever au natural wool I use will be given a mild bath in tea.  Might even cut the strips and THEN put in tea so the edges get nice and soiled. 
IF, anyone would like to join me in a kitten mat hook-in, please feel free to do so.  I do not have a copyright on antique rugs.  What I would like for you to do tho, is let me know so that I can follow your blog and we can keep in touch....sort of a 'show-n-share'.

Oh, FYI, I'm not planning to start my cat mat real soon as I'm trying desperately to hook the background top left of my son's rug before I take this reprieve.  But you feel free to start now if you want. 

Hope you had a great Sunday and dried out before the next series of rains begin.



  1. Such a cute pattern. I look forward to watching you work in the background. Mixing wools is always a challenge for me

  2. Saundra, if I had time I would join the challenge but I have more to do than time allows.
    I love this little cat pattern. It reminds me of the little kitten rug kit that Lauren sent me as a give away a while back.
    It was incredibly easy and quick to hook with wide cuts,

    I've been busy with family today and last evening and I'm falling asleep at the computer and it's only 8:05... I never got to bed until 1:00 last night....

  3. I totally love this little kitten mat...have long had it on my "to hook" list..looking forward to seeing your loops...still no desire to hook and I are still working on strips of wool now and then so I have enough worms for a few dozen large rugs ready...

  4. Another great adaptation. But have too many ahead on my "to-do" stack. Ughh!

  5. Saundra that is the one I am doing, except it's the three cat version. I have had a hard time with it I am doing it in not the typical colors. I am not sure if I like it yet. I love yours. Cheri


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