Thursday, June 25, 2015

I Got Mail !!

I love getting mail when there is a package involved.  Even if I have to pay for the contents it still feels like a birthday or Christmas.  Today I received my order from Heavens to Betsy, 2 yards of Black Magic wool and 2 patterns.  Well, now I have 30 patterns in my stash to hook...but hey, these are on the smallish side so won't take me long; right?
So you can see a much better picture of these cuties I pulled photos from Betsy's web site.  Look at this beautiful mat that Betsy hooked.  Looks like it may have been hooked with torn strips and I'll have to ask her to be sure.

AND... for all of you who have given me positive comments on the tutorial I did on Betsy's binding technique, Betsy used it here on this sheep.  Am proud to say I learned it all from Betsy, tho she does it best.  This pattern is called Primitive Sheep Mat.
Betsy's primitive sheep mat
Isn't this Elephant too cute!!!!!!  Wonder if my 12 year old grandson would think he was too OLD for this?  Would he snuggle it in the privacy of his home or bedroom if grandma made it for him?  Heck, I'm an oldster and I'd like it for me!  And this one is called...what else.... Elephant Pattern.
Betsy's Elephant cutout
Didn't get nearly as much hooking done on my Black Kitten Mat since yesterday there were lots of limbs and debris needed to be picked up before I could use the riding mower.  And today with the push mower it was time to cut Ben's backyard playground.  Now, however, think it is time for me to play with my kitten.

Have a great evening and would love to know if any of you have decided to try that Black Kitten Mat.



  1. I just love those patterns of Betsy's. I was tempted at the last hook in, but I was strong and resisted.
    I'm sure you will hook them in the most wonderful way.
    Hugs :)

  2. Hi Saundra,
    You always hook the best rugs!! I feel like I have so much to learn and want to do!!! Thanks for sharing what you do!!
    Warm Hugs~

  3. Oh Saundra, you weak woman... Adding more to your long list of pattern...But I can't blame you on that sheep. It does looks great and I love the finished edge.

    Better get going on that little kitten.
    Have a great day.


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