Sunday, June 28, 2015

How Do You Hook Antique Adaptations

Thank goodness I've finally finished the whole kitten and a row or so of background around.  And yes, the original antique has a lighter line down the middle but mine shows up more prominently than in the photo further down.
Below is the original from which mine is being adapted.  That line shows up very faintly there and was printed off my computer; yet the line is more prominent in the photo in person.  You know me.... I'm not bothered by pulling out loops and replacing them but do try to hold off for a while to see if it grows on me.  I've pulled loops too early and then regretted so now try to hold off a little.
OH, just a thought ~ for those of you who love hooking antique rug adaptations, do you try to hook them in the colors which may have been the original clean colors before fading and wear?  If you get to see the rug in person you get to see the original colors on the underside.  Or, do you hook them in colors similar to the olden dirty and faded look? 

There is not a good or bad way, right or wrong answer, just a matter of taste.  For me it was the look of the well loved and well used rug of yesteryear that attracted me.  Perhaps I'm an old soul ~ har har, hell yeah I'm old now, ....again.

I've recently been asked a question from someone who is a NO-REPLY blogger and as much as I'd to hit the 'reply' button and answer that email would bounce.  A lot of people don't know they have that problem.  So Miss "C" please click this link and perhaps you can fix the situation:  

Has anyone taken on this Black Kitten Mat to task yet?  Thankfully the sun came out today after several days of rain. Enjoy the remaining of your weekend and hope next week is wonderful.



  1. No kitten mat for me I am enjoying it thru your efforts. I have too many projects going to take on another right now.

  2. I love your kitten you always do a great job of keeping it looking old.

  3. Your kitten looks better than the antique one but give it enough time and it will become an antique some day.

    I dug up a pile of wool, mostly dark to try to coax me into hooking something, anything ,but so far nothing came to mind. It's raining and I'm paining so I worked in the office instead. That old Arthritis is killing me.

    Stay warm and dry.

  4. I like your colors for this one. I use what I like, sometimes I match the original colors and sometimes I do my own, but I rarely try to match the original unfaded color.


  5. Looks good! Sure wish I had time to hook along with you, but would be embarrassed by my efforts compared to you. You have such a knack for making things look old.
    Hugs :)

  6. No kitten for me, but enjoying the work your doing. Am working on a pumpkin rug--hoping it will be finish by fall (better be). Waiting on wool order to arrive to finish hooking a horse pattern for daughter. We are melting in the heat here in the NW.

  7. This is a challenging cat . I love how yours is turning out!!


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