Monday, August 31, 2015

Hobo Joe

Got a smidgen more hooked on Hobo using a few worms but having to cut some wool too.  I'd hoped to have more than this hooked not only to have more progress to show you but anxious to watch him develop.
If you recall, I mentioned this pattern was to be a cut-out door person designed by Lucille Festa of American Country Rugs.  Since I'd decided to hook it as a mat vs. cut-out added some cotton edge around so the rest of the foundation could be utilized and fit on my frame.  There is plenty of foundation there for the pattern to be used as a cut out but silly me has to be different.  Oh, and I did give him a body too; I'm going to like this guy..... a LOT.

Remember my Windows 7 computer crash?  Yeah I know I just won't let the topic end will I?  Anyway, along with that crash went the software downloaded to do my web site.  Today I called my web host to find out when my next annual fee was due and learned it will be due 9/20.  Sheesh, that's only 20 days from now.

Did some research and read that when folks transferred their web site from Dreamweaver to their new Windows 10 the web site kept crashing.  Which means I'd have to download another Dreamweaver to the tune of $399 and on top of that pay the web server fees.  Therefore think I'll drop my web site and figure out another venue to promote the patterns I draw.  Haven't figured that all out yet as I'm still reeling from computer issues and tending cats for a neighbor last week, which ended yesterday.  

Have a great evening everyone.  Summer is back here with a vengence and will be high temps and high humidity for the next few days.  Uh, and my grass needs to be cut......again.




  1. Are you sure Windows 7 crashed? I went from XP to 7 Home Professional and have had no problems. Even Phyllis is not a happy camper with Windows 10. But then I have a geek guy and don't use Best Buy or the big stores for help. He never tries to sell me anything I don't really need.

  2. Holy cow, I guess you are in a pickle. I just use Blogger and I don't know about your kind of set up.

    That's a lot of money. You would have to sell quite a few of patterns to pay for that New download of Dreamweaver. I wish I could help but I'm not computer savvy.
    My lawn needs cutting also. I've been in the kitchen all day :-(

  3. I think I caught your tech troubles. Thanks, by the way :(. Can't post, fed up

  4. Hobo Jo is looking good, would be cute hanging on front door for Halloween. Sorry your computer troubles aren't over. I think that I'll stay with Window 7 until it's no longer supported and by then it might be Windows 15--lol.

  5. It sounds like you've ticked Kim off. Shame on you for treating our blog buddy that way :)
    HJ is marvelous. Since you'll be done in a few days, what's next?
    Sorry for you continued computer woes.
    Hugs :)

  6. Some times life is just hard and I think it's where you are right now. Sorry.


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