Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Horse is a Horse of Course of Course

If it seems I'm double speaking you're right.  Am also hooking two horses one after the other.  I liked the previous horse adaptation posted and am liking this one even more.  If this guy looks a little swayback you would be right.  But the original antique shows that as well.
I'm adapting this from the antique rug below and chose to not hook a border.  But perhaps in the future I may attempt a replication of this one as antique rugs are near and dear to my heart.
Have a great evening and hope everyone in this frigid weather is staying warm.  The winds are howling and burns against my face when walking Ben.  Think I'll have to locate the face mask.  The temperatures are below freezing and the wind makes it worse.



  1. Be careful out in this bitter weather.

    Like the beginning of this horse. You a one fast hooker.

  2. Your horse looks great even with the sway back but be careful Mz S. that you don't fall while walking Ben in this frigid cold. Take along your trusted cell phone. I carry mine with me just in case and I make sure it's fully charged.
    Happy Valentine Day.

  3. Giddy up Girl! Looks good. It's bitter cold here too. We haven't been doing too many long walks the last 2 days.

  4. I am liking your version better, more movement going on but still retaining the naive look of the prim.


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  6. Horse rugs are my favorite to hook. Love both of your antique inspired horses. Lori

  7. Off to a great start, loving the neutrals!!

  8. Fun, fun rug!
    Are you done yet?
    Hugs :)


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