Saturday, February 27, 2016

If at First You Don't Succeed.......

Oh I've been treading water trying to stay afloat with the Rainbow Cabin rug.  After reading some of the comments from readers realized that the secret to the red situation was within the rainbow.  

Okay, how to hook that section?  Looking at the design wondered if the rainbow colors should go completely to the edges on each side of the rug OR should that background color have one row all the way around.  
Hooking the rainbow all the way to the edges presented a real problem with tails meeting at the end.  And hiding the ends in all the ways I know wasn't pretty at the sides either.  So, I've pulled out the ends of the wool and will try and salvage what has been hooked in the rainbow. Have decided to hook one dark row of background along the edge of the rainbow.  That way the ends can be hidden or ended less noticeable.  

There's a lesson for you guys but if you're like me you'll have to try and learn what works for you.  Now...could be I don't know the right way so if any of you know the secret to doing the rainbow to the end on each side without a lump or too many ends, let me know.  Sure wish I'd taken a picture before I pulled out the sides of the rainbow.  

Oh well ~ will try and salvage the rainbow and hook my butt off tonight because Kelley has posted her challenge rug design on Out of Hand Rug Hookers  so will want to start that tomorrow or soon after.

Have a great evening everyone.  



  1. I ran into that problem with a piece I made recently, too many ends in one spot, not a good look.


  2. I'm not good at hiding ends. But I've found if you do a whipped edge finish they don't stand out so much

  3. Your rug is looking great. It will be perfect, love your colors.
    Have a great hooking weekend.

  4. Saundra of Woodland Junction has been included in our A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  5. Saundra, here's a terrific link to handling those ends:

  6. HHMMM. I'll have to check out Fish Eye's post. I know a couple ways to hide the ends, but I'm never sure if I should try that or hook a row of background which is what I usually do.
    So is your challenge pattern already on linen, Miss Overachiever???
    Hugs :)

  7. Love how you are hooking the rainbow...


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