Saturday, February 20, 2016

How Color can be Deceiving

It is very interesting to see how textures look so vastly different in yardage vs. hooked.  And, color can change appearance depending on what color it is hooked against.  Hmm, when I'm at a loss of what to write about that might be a good topic on how grey can change the colors of wool hooked around it.  

Happily my second antique adaptation The Old Brown Horse and Bunny is done.  Below is a picture next to the wool used for the ground.
In yesterday's blog post one of my readers thought the ground color below was pink.  I can understand as below is the picture she saw.  In this confusing photo the lighting was different I guess...., whether it be natural light, flash, different room....whatever.  But when taping on the photo to enlarge you would have noticed it was orange in color.  But an easy assumption nevertheless.
Wish I had the perfect set-up for taking photos and more times than not the picture on the monitor is not what the rug or wool looks like in person.  All of us hookers at one time or another have excused the color of our photos.  These two vastly different pictures, taken with the same camera by the same person can testify that color isn't always what it seems to show on the computer screen.

That very same orange and grey wool was used to hook 500 Mile Betts, my adaptation of a Harriet Powers Bible Quilt block.  And must say it does look pink when compared to the background.

Something else I noticed too, is that the newest picture at the top doesn't show the garish bright blue sky either.  Which means the jury (me) is still out about whether or not to use black walnut dye solution to soften/dirty up the sky.    Just might still brush or dab some in spots just to give it a little old worn mottled dirty look in places.  

Meanwhile, the pattern has been chosen for the next project.  It is too late in the day for me to start cleaning up and putting back the mess I'd made and choose wool for the next project.  The two mats have been steamed, edges prepared for binding and think tonight will be spent binding.  

Yes, hate binding but am okay with doing that tonight ~ matter of fact it even seems like a calming event.  Particularly since I did 3 loads of wash, changed sheets, picked up limbs and pine cones from the yard, cleaned out the fish pond filters and basket, walked Ben 3 times, steamed and did preliminary binding work on the mats.   Whew, I just made myself very tired, lol.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. You've been rather busy today and full of energy. I've been lazy.
    Your horse looks great but I'm not sure about the background until I see it darker with the antiquing walnut dye but you know what you're doing.
    I'm anxious to see the final result.

  2. The new photo really shows the color nicely. I know the feeling, my pieces either look too bright and light or too contrasty and dark and if i get one color right, the others aren't. I really need to set up a white light box and see if that helps or maybe trade my camera in for a simpler model;) I do like how the upper half looks in the photo now, but it all depends on how it looks to you, you always pick the perfect colors.


  3. Nice finish. I am always anxious to see how a new wool actually looks once it is hooked. I think that a good way to decide whether you want to stain this one or not would be to place it beside your first one to see if they look similarly aged. Good for you, going ahead with the binding. My Lion and Lamb are still waiting.

  4. You had a most productive day!!! Not me...sigh. Ended up taking another nap yesterday. So unlike me.
    I get so frustrated taking pictures of hooked pieces. I almost never get the color right, but it definitely happens to most of us.
    Yeah that you are even binding them!!!
    Happy Sunday.
    Hugs :)


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