Friday, February 26, 2016

Hooking by the Seat of my Pants

Originally I named the post "Rainbow Cabin Update" but changed it as that was much more suitable in this situation.  Thought I'd better check out the progress of the rug at a distance and computer monitor even tho colors can be deceiving.  Am questioning some of my choices on color but don't want to pull anything out...yet.
Looking at the rug in person and the PC monitor wish I'd chosen a darker roof color.  Well I'm not gonna pull all that out!  What I should have hooked first were the stars.  OR, duh, pulled out the wool worms used for the stars to see what roof color would be good with those.

So there really is a reason to color plan BEFORE beginning to hook yet after all these years I still choose to hook by the seat of my pants; which is a lot like painting yourself in a corner.

There should be more red spread around the rug since the window frame and door are red and in the central part of the rug.  Am considering putting random berries along the stems and leaves.  Or perhaps pulling out some of the star strips on the exterior in random places and using a red gold texture.  That is probably what I'll try on a star, photo it and bore you with yet another update on a mistake.

Decided to elevate the position of the left star and make it into a flower. You can see where the original star was with the points of the star sticking out near the end of the stem on the left.

Since there is no thing as a tree producing stars, then there wouldn't be anything wrong with random red berries hooked along the curvature either.....right?  

With the silly mistakes I've made with this simple part wonder how I might be able to screw up the rainbow?  I've no idea what will happen and what choices will be made with continuing on this rug.  Will need to get a grasp and control what I've got going now before starting the thinks.

But since the Out of Hand Challenge will begin tomorrow this might just be pushed aside until I can see it again with fresh eyes.

Hope you have a great evening.



  1. I'm a by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of gal too

  2. Me, too. Like how you made the star a flower star. Will the rainbow have red? If so, that should spread the red around sufficiently.

  3. I actually REALLY like the color of the roof!!! My eyes travel easily taking in the stars and the roof. Think you're on the right track about adding more of the red. Hope you won't pull out that roof too soon!!!

  4. Hi Saundra,
    I agree with Sherry and really love the roof color too!! Taking a break and giving yourself some time to think on it sounds like a good thing!! Adding red is ALWAYS a good idea in my book, since I LOVE that color!!! As something to think about, what if you changed the color of the pot to red, and then had red in the rainbow? I like the idea of the red berries too!!! You will figure it out and it will be always!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Warm Hugs~

  5. Whatever you do will be wonderful. It always is.
    Hugs :)


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