Friday, February 12, 2016

Can You Hook on Wool

I love it when a follower asks me a question.  This morning in my email was a question about whether or not one can hook on wool.  Kindly she commented she values my opinion so thought to ask before taking the "I can do that" attitude and buying something she can't.  

Truth is you can hook on wool if it is the right kind of wool.  While I've never hooked on wool (until today) did buy this cute pocket type purse on ebay from a hooker who did a great job.  It is fully lined and she did a great job hooking thru the wool.  I've had this pocket a few years and do not remember from whom it was purchased.  But if the person who made it would comment I'll give you credit and compliment you personally on your work and my enjoyment.
So today I pulled out a piece of wool which was a hookable wool but is woven very tight so was not fun to pull loops thru.
Even using my hartman hook and pushing it up the the thick shank it was difficult and even sounded like I was using a punchneedle on cotton.
When I removed the loops you can see the smaller holes where I struggled to pull loops and in the stem is where I pushed the shank all the way in to pull them.
When I took my thumb and rubbed back and forth to freshen the wool you can see some threads of the wool were split.  Again it was a tight weave and it had been a piece of clothing so not sure if it was a wool mix or not, but am guessing so.
Pulled another piece of wool which is hookable.  Originally it was a cream color with dashes which is overdyed.  Me thinks this is a Rebecca Erb wool, but am sure several providers offer hookable wool. Pulling loops on this piece of wool was effortless.
When the loops were pulled out you can see where the hooking took place.
But when I rubbed the area with my thumb you can barely see any distress at all.  This would be important in the event you wanted to reverse hook a motif.  You'd want a sturdy, easy and heal-able piece of wool on which to hook.  This was such a piece.
Recently I saw this beauty posted on Facebook.  The foundation is dyed primitive linen by Ali Strebel and hooked by Karen Thompson.
And my dear friend Deb hooked and gifted this one below to me.  It is a better grade of burlap which was already dyed when purchased from a jobber.
So what I learned today in my mini-research is that I wouldn't hesitate hooking on wool if a hookable wool.  Yet, wouldn't want to waste that wool UNLESS it was the perfect color or textured background for the project.

IF you are considering buying a kit from someone ask to see the wool which will be used for the foundation fabric.  Also, there are several reputable people who sell wool, sell kits, experienced hookers and know which wool works for foundation hooking.  The people at Heavens to Betsy, The Wool Studio (ask for Rebecca), and Dorr are experienced sellers so would know immediately which wool would be good to use as a foundation.  

Teachers should also have a working knowledge and experience with hooking on their wool.  So ask for examples.  Or if you are at a camp ask the teacher to show you what a strip of wool hooks in a piece of wool you are interested in buying.   

Remember, you hold the purse.  You are the buyer and you want to know what you are getting.

Don't know if any of this has helped anyone else but it was a fun experiment for me.  So readers, or FOLLOWERS (hopefully) please feel free to ask questions.  Must mention tho, if you use GOOGLE and post your question I'll bet you get lots of links to numerous choices and not just mine.  Not that I'm trying to chase you away, but to give you options.

Hope you have a great evening everyone, TGIF.  But for me every day is a weekend.



  1. Great post and testing to see how it works. I do have loose wools, too loose to hook with but nice for backings, so maybe someday I will try it.


  2. Sandra,,,, I have hooked abit on wool,,,, stuff that was too thick to hook with,, bit was ok for the foundation,,, its a bag,,, at least going to be,, when I get the other side done,,, kind of fun ,,, elaine allerton

  3. Nice post. I, too, have hooked on wool. Found it a bit difficult to keep the loops lined up or hemmed in nicely, but it was fun. Sort of have to straighten them out by hand after you hook.

  4. Great post Saundra. You surely covered all the bases !
    I am in love with that plum colored bird tote bag ! Wow.

  5. I've never hooked on wool but it was an interesting tutorial.
    Thanks Saundra.

  6. I started a piece hooked on wool in a Maria Barton/Ali Strebel class. It was easier than I thought it would be, but it's lost somewhere unfinished :(
    Happy Valentine's Day.
    Hugs :)

  7. great post, you always have such great information, have a terrific week, hugs to Ben!

  8. Thanks! This answers a question I had; now I can proceed to experiment with my wools to see what will work. I assume you'd wash the foundation wool first???


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