Sunday, February 21, 2016

Next on the Frame

Even tho the two horse mats still aren't bound, I've chosen a rug to hook.  It will be Rainbow Cabin, a Woolley Fox pattern.  The outside line of the linen has already been checked and it is definitely on the straight of grain, in the ditch and exactly as I expected.  The wonky lines on the cabin will stay that way...wonky.  Rainbow Cabin measures 16 x 23. 

Looking at the pattern just might take some creative license and move that left side star up a smidgen and put a stem on it like it is a flower. After all, there is a plant of stars over to the right.
Will start with my worms for the cabin and other motifs and hope to use as many of them as possible (gotta reduce these).  Don't think there's enough of the color for the roof so when worm stash has been used will cut as needed.  
Plans for the background will be the same as that used in Nantucket Broom Ride, which is Betsy's Pluto.  So that will be a wool which will definitely be cut.

Thank goodness I'm working on another of the patterns from my stash. Try tho I may, it seems that when one or two patterns get used there is a rug camp and another pattern beckons me to be added to the stash again.

Another mild day in the 60s here in Delaware but things are going to change tomorrow ~ will be in the low 40s.

Have a great Sunday evening and lets be kind to one another and to animals.



  1. You're just a hookin' fool!
    Hugs :)

  2. I can't believe how fast you hook. I am looking forward to watching your progress. I really appreciate that you share your knowledge and color choices with us.

  3. Don't recall seeing that pattern, but I like it. Log cabins are always a favorite....and I have never hooked one!!! Are those teensy bags all of your worms????if so, I am impressed.

  4. Love this pattern, can't wait to see your color choices.


  5. I think Lauren is right saundra, you have a serious addiction. I must admit, it's a pretty pattern.

  6. You always find such cute patterns! Looking forward to seeing what you do with this one

  7. Love it! Will enjoy watching your progress!


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