Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Talented and Creative Friend

As I'm pondering what to write about on my blog suddenly it came to me about an email conversation between me and friends.  Joan Strausbaugh (who has been published numerous times in Rug Hooking Magazine) sent me a picture of a hooked/proddy project which our mutual friend might enjoy.  

That mutual friend (and she's gonna hate me when she reads my blog) is Char Lough.  Char prefers to be in the background and doesn't like attention but think her work is awesome and worthy of sharing. 

A few years ago our friend Char took loads of photos of moss to study and hooked a piece for inside her Adirondack cabin home.   The photo was taken at the rug show at Cape May and not in her home but you get the idea.  
Char also wanted a bear rug in front of their fireplace at the cabin and she did a proddy and hooked mama bear.  Again photo taken at Cape May rug camp.  
A close up of the bear's face.
AH, here is a photo that Char just sent me of both mama and baby bear together.
As most of us just starting to hook and building our stash, we collect undesirable wool from thrift shops.  Either it won't full when washed, has polyester, or maybe too thick after washing. Smart Char saved all that dark wool and used it to proddy the bear. Good grief!!!!!! That is what I should start working on...DUH!!

Another fantastic original design by Char was this Full Beaver Moon.  If you look carefully you'll see the beaver has teeth and claws.  Of course there was a story behind the rug.  Tap on the photo and look at the detail of everything.
Char can hook primitive and naive as well.  When she was starting to think about becoming a 'snowbird' and downsizing she stumbled upon a drawing by her now adult son drawn at a very young age.  She decided to turn that whale drawing into a rug.  This is an heirloom the son will cherish as a work of art by him as a child and captured in another form of art by his mom.
Char prefers to design her own rugs rather than buying patterns.  She knows there are many talented designers out there but her first teacher Janet Reid instilled the desire to design her own.

Char entertained us with the funny story behind the next rug which was started at rug camp with Barb Carroll.  The short story is Char directing her husband to get closer to the log truck in front of them so she could get a picture.  She sure does know how to entertain us with her words as well as her hooking.

Okay, here is an over the shoulder view of my pal Char as she ponders placement of her next color on her log rug.
This is the beautiful result of her study of photos and use of textures. At camp Char had various wool and was also using silk from blouses of appropriate colors to give texture to her logs.
Sadly I don't have photos of Char's works before I was lucky enough to meet her.  However, the grande piece of work is the Wedding Rug Char hooked for her daughter and son-in-law. 
Look at the list of family history hooked into the roots of the TREE of LIFE. OMG, what a beautiful work of art it is and family heirloom.   Here is a picture taken of it with a different setting and probably without a flash.  
Not sure what Char is hooking now but she is well connected with a group in Florida.  She's one very talented lady and I miss her since becoming a snowbird.

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy.



  1. Oh WOW, your friend Char is so talented and creative. You're so lucky to know her. I love all her beautiful rugs. The logs especially really talk to me. I'm just amazed at her talent.
    Thanks so much for this.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Saundra,
    Oh, words fail me...........!!!!!
    Such AMAZING TALENT!!!! Please let her know how very impressed and inspired I am!! Thank you, so much, for sharing her work with us!!
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend and your horse rugs!
    Warm Hugs~

  3. Oh My Heck - what amazing things Char has hooked! She truly has an artist's eye and knows how to make her projects come to life. I'm so glad you shared these with us - please tell her how much we enjoyed seeing them!

  4. WOW !!!! What amazing work ! All the little details , incredible ! The Family Tree is just fantastic ! What a family heirloom ..... Thank you so much for sharing her work ! Just beautiful !

  5. Oh my ! What an artistic eye. Char's work is rug hooking candy. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Simply amazing!!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a talented friend. Her work is simply amazing.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs :)

  8. Those are all just amazing projects, wow!
    I loved her tree.

  9. Amazing,talented,creative all words to describe Chars work.


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